Astros’ lineup Wednesday vs. Reds

The Astros play their final road game of the season at 11:35 a.m. CT today against the Reds at Great American Ball Park. Here is the lineup:

CF Jordan Schafer

RF J.B. Shuck

LF J.D. Martinez

1B Carlos Lee

2B Matt Downs

3B Chris Johnson

SS Clint Barmes

C J.R. Towles

LHP Wandy Rodriguez


With Lee having disappointing splits against RHP (.254/.318/.401 compared to his .348.403/.614 vs LHP) why doesn’t Mills ever put Wallace in the lineup against a RHP? His platooning is unbalanced and detrimental to left-handed players. Why is he so bigotted against left-handers?

One more start for Lee really makes a difference when you have already lost 101 games. Wallace has proven he can hit when given consistent playing time but 1 start and 10 ABs total since beign called back up isnt what i call developing a player Mills for the future. Now we were given the news all the coaches are back????? Go Rangers its up to you to make Texas proud!!

So you pick and choose who’s comments you want to show. What a BS reporter. guess i can take you off my follow list as we hear only what you want others to hear. I hear a sucking sound.

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