Berkman a happy man

I had a chance to catch up with former Astros slugger Lance Berkman in the visiting clubhouse at Minute Maid Park, trying to dodge the champagne and beer as best as possible. Berkman was beaming after the Cardinals had just clinched the National League Wild Card.

“It’s just great,” he said. “It’s exciting. Any time you get a chance to play for a championship, that’s all you can ask for as a player.”

What a week it’s been for Berkman. He signed a one-year, $12-million contract extension with the Cardinals only a few days ago and then came to his hometown of Houston and helped the Cardinals take two of three games from the Astros to run down the Braves.

“This year has been pretty special in a lot of ways, and certainly this is a great way to cap it off,” he said.

Now the Cardinals and Berkman will get to face the Phillies in the National League Division Series beginning Saturday in Philadelphia. The Phillies, of course, feature three of Berkman’s former teammates – Hunter Pence, Brad Lidge and Roy Oswalt.

“If you could round up all the ex-Astros you’d have a pretty good team,” he said. “It’s going to be a tough challenge to play those guys. They have a great team, the best team in baseball this year. So we’ll see what happens.”


Annnnd….Thank you Ed Wade for trading off ALL of those ex Astros, so THEY can go on to win Championships!!! You’re such a good guy! No wonder the Philiies
*FIRED* you!

I’m a big fan of Lance, even after all the fans complained about him being a crybaby. Also a fan of Roy and Pence. Even Lidge on a smaller scale. Somethingg you’re overlooking Beckie is that it wasn’t like they weren’t given chances. Lance had been in a steady decline, so we sold high on him. Yeah he got better, but that tooka level of determination he didn’t have in Houston anymore. I wish he’d done it with us, but it still wouldn’t have taken us to the playoffs. Lidge had two good years for the Phillies and has been a regular on the DL. Before that he had a bad year and a mediocre year in Houston and ended up on the wrong side of 30 looking like he needed a change of scenery, which he got and like Lance, made the most of. Roy didn’t want to be an Astro anymore, plain and simple, and we may yet get something from that. Roy finished the season strong last year, but couldnt even put together 200 innings of decency this year, and may not even make the post season rotation. Pence is good, has done great things for us, and kept the Braves out of the post season. I’m sure Michael will thank him for that. IF Singleton and Cosart turn out to be the real deal we’ll be thanking Ed Wade before much longer. Lets give the smoke time to settle. I’m excited about next years Astros🙂

I, for one, will be rooting for the Phillies…because I will NEVER EVER be able to cheer for the Cardinals. It just won’t ever happen, sorry Lance!

Brian, thanks for all the great coverage this season!!

OH LORD!!!!!!! WHAT have YOU BEEN SMOKING????? I wouldn’t trust Ed Wade to buy a CAT, much less make “good” trades! Joshua—-LOOK AT THE BULL PEN!
This was ALLLLL: ED WADE’S doing! Really???????????????????????????????

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