Lineups for Astros-Braves

Here are the lineups for Wednesday’s series finale between the Astros and Braves:


CF Jordan Schafer

2B Jose Altuve

LF J.D. Martinez

1B Carlos Lee

RF Travis Buck

3B Chris Johnson

C Jason Castro

SS Marwin Gonzalez

LHP Wandy Rodriguez


CF Michael Bourn

LF Martin Prado

1B Freddie Freeman

3B Chipper Jones

2B Dan Uggla

RF Jason Heyward

C David Ross

SS Jack Wilson

RHP Randall Delgado


Let’s get that series win!

Saw your post about Bob Aspromonte and
the kid who was blind and was big fan of
Aspromonte. I’m 55 and remember a newspaper
story that Aspromonte actually was blinded
in at least one eye while trying to jump start
a car with jumper cables back in the day.

Since jump starting cars was more common
back then, the story left an impression on
me about the dangers of jump starting
car batteries, since the sparking caused
by battery cables sometimes caused the
battery to explode.

Guess Bob and his young fan have even a
closer connection due to his accident.

Bob was one of my very early Astro favorites.

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