Mills discusses lineup

Here’s what Mills had to say about Wednesday’s lineup, which was sans J.D. Martinez and Jose Altuve

“We had talked about giving some guys the day off and getting a lot of left-handers in there tonight,” Mills said. “J.D. had a big series in Miami and had a couple of good at-bats last night, but it’s a good day to get him a day off and get Buck some type of consistent at-bats and get Bogey back in there. We need to get Gonzy back in there. He played the first few games for us and we need to get him back in there.”

Here’s the lineup:

CF Jordan Schafer (L)

SS Jed Lowrie (S)

LF Travis Buck (L)

1B Carlos Lee (R)

RF Brian Bogusevic (L)

3B Chris Johnson (R)

C Jason Castro (L)

2B Marwin Gonzalez (S)

RHP Lucass Harrell (R)




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