Correa thrilled to join Astros

Here’s what Astros first-round pick Carlos Correa had to say about being selected by Houston:

“It means a lot to me. It’s history, man,” said Correa. “I’m the first Puerto Rican to be selected with the first pick. I just feel happy. I’m only 17 years old, but I’ve just worked hard and my father was always there with me, helping me out and throwing with me every day. …All the sacrifices pay off.”

Correa on the Astros’ interest:

“They tell me that they had me in their mix, but I was like, ‘Hey there are college players and I’m only 17 years old.’ But when they picked me, I was so happy. I was really excited.”

Correa on playing at Puerto Rican Academy:

“My development down there was great. They worked hard with me on all the little things that I was missing. We made it. We’re here right now.”

Correa on his routine in Puerto Rico:

“Every day when I was at school, I was waking up at 5 o clock in the morning to go to school, and then I arrived home at 6 p.m. after doing some work at the school and taking classes. Then I’d go back home and my father works with me. He throws me BP, he hit me some ground balls.”

Correa on his goals:

“I just want to be a big-leaguer and be a Hall-of-Famer. the energy comes from that [ambition], working hard to be the best that you can. That’s what I’ve been doing all season long. Working hard, never backing down. And now we’re here and I’m the first pick. I’m so excited.”

Correa on possibly moving to third:

“There are some people saying that I will be a third baseman. I think I have the ability and I will work hard. I want to be at shortstop in the big leagues and i want to be one of the best.”

Correa on his emotions:

“I’m just excited right now. Being the first pick is just awesome. I feel good because all the hard work pays off. That’s what I’ve been doing all season long [and] all three years that I’ve been in high school. I’ve worked hard to be here.”


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