Schafer returns to the Astros lineup

The Astros try to snap their eight-game losing streak tonight at Minute Maid Park against the Brewers.


CF Jordan Schafer

2B Jose Altuve

RF Scott Moore

LF J.D. Martinez

SS Jed Lowrie

1B Chris Johnson

C Jason Castro

3B Matt Dominguez

LHP J.A. Happ


when are the Astros going to bring Wallace up to play first, F. Martinez in outfield and get johnson back to AAA where he belongs?

Brian I don’t understand why the Stros don’t call up Jimmy Paredes, he gives you incredible speed and hits for avg. Leading OKC in runs scored: 64 triples: 5 & SB: 28 plus he’s hitting 313, he was so exciting to watch when he was called up late last year, I know he got hurt in the spring, but with 3rd base open now I say call him up, I think he brings more to the table than Brett Wallace or call them both up and move CJ to right field because Brian Bogusevic is not producing.

Paredes is a middle infielder and they’re not going to play him over Lowrie or Altuve. But he’s having a heckuva season down there.

Why not play him at 3rd base, that’s the position he’s playing at OKC and the position is currently open,

He wasn’t good defensively at third.

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