Mills reacts to Astros decision to relieve him of duties

Astros manager Brad Mills, who was informed by general manager Jeff Luhnow following Saturday’s game against the D-backs that he had lost his job, told he wasn’t completely surprised by the decision. The Astros are 39-82 and headed to their second consecutive 100-loss season.

Hitting coach Mike Barnett and first-base coach Bobby Meacham were also relieved of their duties.

“You know when you’re having a rough season and everybody always brings it up, nobody lets you forget it,” Mills said. “The only thing I really have to say is I feel horrendous for Mike Barnett and Bobby Meacham. They’re a couple of coaches that have done a great job, they know what they’re doing, they’ve worked hard and prepared the players and done everything they could. I just feel terrible for them and feel some responsibility there.

“I love the players, I love the effort they gave every day. They’ve been great to me and how they’ve gone about everything and I love our fans. The fans we have here in Houston are the best and they’ve been great to me as well and I appreciate them an awful lot and I wish the best for the players and the fans as we move forward.”

Mills was asked if he felt he had a fair chance to show what he can do as a manager considering all the veteran players the club traded the last three seasons — a list that includes Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, Carlos Lee, Michael Bourn, Hunter Pence, Brett Myers and Wandy Rodriguez.

“Every day we tried to get the players the best they possibly could, and that was the goal every time out,” he said. “We wanted to get them better, we wanted them to play well. Sometimes it just didn’t work out and if I’m going to sit here and point fingers, that’s not right. There’s some responsibility on my part as well.”

Mills thoughts were immediately about spending time with his family, including his son, Beau, who’s in the Reds system.

“We’re going to move forward with some things and see what happens,” he said. “The biggest thing is I’d like to go see my son play. For years, I’ve never really gotten an opportunity to watch him play and I want to see my daughter in law and see my granddaughter and watch him play a little bit and go from there.”


Best of luck Brad everyone knows its inevitable for a professional sports team to fire the coach when your team does not win. If I owned the team I’d fire you too, sorry.

I cant believe the low life owners would put this mess on Brad. They totally tore the team out from him and then hold him accountable!! Are you serious?? At least let him finish the year out..I knew Crane would not be good for this team. R.I.P. Houston Astros…..Class AA team at best. I know… Skeeters vs Astros for bragging rights. At least they are the same level.

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Wow, not at all surprised about the firing…just a little surprised it happened now and not at the end of the season.

Brad Mills was a class act, he just kept getting the rug pulled out from under him… for THREE YEARS. This team is just bad. That all there is to it. Luhnow is gonna be REAL BUSY in the next few months trying to get SOMEBODY WHO CAN PLAY BASEBALL AND PITCH. ‘Cause when this team goes to the AL next year……………

Like everybody else in his position, Brad Mills always said “the right things” to the media. Would like to know what Mills really thinks.Probably could write a book on managing the astros. And the book would be in the horror section.

Luhnow has an unbelievable amount of work to do this coming off season. With the transition to the American League, wins will be even harder to come by.
AL West oponents are salivating at the thought of playing the Astros 18 or 20 times per year. Things have the potential to get ugly ugly ugly by this time next year.
. But in fairness Mills took the fall for a poor job of aquiring talent by the front office.
A Manager is only as good as the players he’s given to work with.

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