Astros-Mets preview

The Astros open a three-game series against the Mets tonight in New York in what will be their final visit to Citi Field as a member of the National League.

Here are some tidbits:

— The Astros are 3-0 against the Mets and 36-86 against all other teams. In sweeping the Mets in Houston earlier this year, the Astros averaged six runs per game, hit .316 and posted a 2.33 ERA in 27 innings.

— No team in baseball currently features a roster with as many players on the right side of 30 than do the Astros. Houston 23 players who are 29 or younger, and the Indians, Royals and A’s have 21.

— While Jose Altuve is no higher than tied for 40th  in the Majors with 68 runs scored, he’s accounted for a hefty portion of his team’s total. Altuve has scored 14.7 percent of the Astros runs this year, which is third behind Andrew McCutchen (16.9), Mike Trout (16.7) and Melky Cabrera (15.6). Michael Bourn has also scored 14.7 of the Braves’ runs.
— Brett Wallace has tended to have greater success starting than extending innings. Wallace is hitting .393 with no outs, .318 with one out and .156 with two outs.

— As long as they don’t get to two strikes, current Astros Justin Maxwell and Tyler Greene have hit over .400. Maxwell is hitting .427 with less than two strikes and .092 with two strikes, a -.334 difference that’s second in the Majors. Greene is right behind him at -.312 with a .409 average with less than two strikes and .097 with two strikes.

— Jordan Lyles has tended to pitch quite effectively through the first three innings, before then hitting a wall. He has a 2.83 ERA this year in the first three innings and an 8.88 ERA innings four and beyond. Approached another way, Lyles has surrendered a .227 (45/198) average through 45 pitches, compared to .351 (80/228) thereafter, the largest increase (+.124) in MLB (minimum 100 innings pitched).



Interesting stats, Brian!

Yay for winning a season series…wish they could have pulled off an extra win in NY!

Brian, Will Cabrera be eligible for the NL batting Championship? By my count his AB +BB+SF+S = 501 appearances. Am I missing something?

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