Astros managerial search in early stages

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said Tuesday the team’s search for a permanent manager remains in the early stages. Luhnow, team president George Postolos and owner Jim Crane have a long list of candidates, and the team is trying to gain as much information as possible before starting the interview process.

Tony DeFrancesco has been managing the team on an interim basis since Brad Mills was let go Aug. 18.

“We’re continuing to assess our list of candidates,” Luhnow said. “I mentioned before that it’s a relatively long list and what we’re trying to do right now is do as much as we can prior to engaging in any conversations to trim that list down a little bit, and there are a lot of conversations going on between George and Jim and myself and us reaching out to people in the industry we know and trust. That’s the process we’re going through right now.”

The challenge for the team’s brass is finding the type of candidate that most closely matches the team’s organizational direction. Luhnow said the new manager would have to be an inspirational leader, a teacher and a strategist. And he, obviously, needs to be willing to be excited to work with young players.

“We need someone that’s going to be good at teaching, someone good at inspiring and basically working with the front office and help us achieve our goal of becoming as competitive as possible,” he said. “I don’t see a lot of separation between the front office and the manager and the field staff. All those should work together seamlessly towards the same objective.”

Luhnow said the team would like to interview potential candidates all within the same time frame, but he doesn’t know how soon interviews will start.



As a Phillies’ fan, I fear that the Astros’ choice will be Ryne Sandberg, the AAA manager at Lehigh Valley. He meets all of the qualifications listed and would bring a HOF cache to the team. Wish the Phillies would make him manager-in-waiting for the 2014 season but the chance to ascend to the big leagues in 2013 will be difficult to top.

*sigh* Luhnow hasn’t called me yet.

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