The Astros have said they’re considering getting rid of Tal’s Hill in center field and the locomotive above left field, which is now partially blocked by billboards. The feedback from the fans seems mixed, so let your voice be heard once and for all. What do you want to happen to the Hill and the train?


Ditch the hill. Turn the train tracks into another walkway area for fans. Bring center field in to where the hill began. Then ditch the Chick-fil-a signs on the “fowl” poles.

I may be in the minority, but I like the train and the hill. They make MMP unique. I say keep them BOTH!!

What really needs to go is the horrible signage in left field. It’s the WORST looking advertisement in the history of EVER!!!

I totally agree. The signage needs to go!

I was never a fan of the train, so I’m glad to see it go. The hill however I think is a cool on the field quirk that I’d be sad to see go. It only comes into play a few times a year and it’s so deep in center even if you put a fence in front of it that’s not going to change.

Please get rid of the “Fowl” poles! Turn the train into space shuttle. Keep the hill!

Bring the fence in and get rid of the hill – make a picnic area behind CF wall. Get rid of the train – you can’t see it anymore and it hasn’t been used much so it is probably not working anyway. Raise the Crawford boxes and place a sports bar with plexiglass floor to ceiling windows underneath it.

I’m betting Jim Crane has already made up his mind about “Tals hill”. It will be gone by the beginning of the 2013 season. He wants nothing to do with Tal Smith, or that stupid hill. The train can stay, it’s not an eye sore like those awful signs. Speaking of those ugly signs……..they pay the bill, so like it or not they ain’t gonna go anywhere.
Crane has purged the ENTIRE organization of ANY THING that had to do with Drayton McLane.

Keep the train…. keep the train conductor!

Keep both! Get rid of that horrible mess of adverising thats covering the train tracks! What an eyesore!

I don’t care one way or the other about the hill. Our family would like to see the train stay. The billboard is AWFUL!! Too bad it’s here to stay. $$$

I hate those billboards! They are the things that need to go! I’d love to get rid of that hill as well! It’s amazing no one has destroyed a knee on it yet.

Please get rid of the new signs in left field.

move the signs to the hill and erect a plexiglass wall to close out playing field..then we can see our MM train and cute conductor again! let us keep at least ONE tradition from our NL history, Mr. Crane! is that too much to ask? but i’m a woman who works an hourly job so my opinion won’t matter to him! i love my astros..always have and always will, but i can watch from home and not contribute to his pockets!

Keep the train and get rid of the signs in left field because you lose the downtown feel with those signs. Tal’s hill can go, but be careful of shortening the CF fence to much. What left and right field give in HR, CF takes.

I’m for keeping the train as it’s a tribute to the location where the Union train station was in the days of yore. Ditch the hill, bring the fence in to where the warning track is now. And for Pete’s sake (whoever he is) GET RID OF THE MOST ATROCIOUS ADVERTIZING SIGNS EVER CONCOCTED ABOVE LEFT FIELD! Thanks for including the fans in that decision! Further, change the old style scoreboard under the Crawford boxes to an electronic display. The “old style” scoreboard is just clunky. Do these comments really mean anything to CraneCo? Doubt they ever get before his eyes.

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