Luhnow releases statement

Jeff Luhnow’s statement on suspension of prospect Jonathan Singleton for 50 games:

“We learned today that Jonathan Singleton has tested positive for a drug of abuse and has been suspended 50 games as a result.  We are disappointed in the decisions that Jonathan made leading up to this positive test.  Jonathan has expressed regret for his decision and we expect will take the necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.  He has owned up to his actions and that is a necessary first step.  The Astros will support Jonathan through this difficult time and we hope this example will prevent other athletes from making similar decisions.”


Lunhow makes it sound like something far more serious happened. It’s just weed.

….and it’s just half his potential season when he’s trying to break into the bigs…..still illegal, still potentially masking other activities, still against the rules he signed a big-money contract for.

Well…………C R A P. When are these kids gonna GET IT!???


Brian, I don’t remember what position he was sign for, but this is good that the test showed he was on drugs, so, now to see if he will follow through with the suspension !!!               Ralph


I know that drugs are drugs and illegal, but I had no clue that sports still tested for marijuana. It’s a hard lesson to learn, hoping Singleton will learn from this MAJOR mistake and move on.

Marijuana is still illegal and does still mess with testosterone levels; could conceivably be used to mask other PED use via that.

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