Porter has a heart-to-heart talk with Singleton

Not long after he failed a drug test that forced Major League Baseball to suspend him for the first 50 games of the 2013 season, Astros top prospect Jonathan Singleton had a heart-to-heart talk with manager Bo Porter about responsibility and the road ahead.

Singleton, ranked by MLB.com as the top prospect in the Astros organization, issued a statement following his Jan. 9 suspension apologizing to the team while admitting he tested positive for marijuana. It was his second failed test.

“I just explained to him, I said, ‘Listen, your life is at a crossroads. No one can sit here and say they’ve never made mistakes, but now your next move will go a long way in determining how you’re going to rectify this mistake,’” Porter said.

Porter said Singleton was apologetic in person, as well. He will have to sit out the first 50 games of the season, but can participate in Spring Training.

“I wanted him to know the whole organization is behind him rectifying this mistake and moving on in his baseball career,” Porter said. “I said, ‘Jonathan, this is not about Jonathan Singleton, the ball player. This is about Jonathan Singleton, the man.’ Because if we get the man right, we’re going to get the baseball player. But if we don’t get the man right, we’re never going to get the baseball player. I explained to him, ‘Now the ball is in your court, and it’s time for you to do your part.’”


Everyone does make mistakes, especially when they’re young. It’s too bad this mistake will effect his career. Hoping he learns from this and rights the ship. I’d hate to see a prospect with so much promise lose it all if he continues to make bad choices.

Seems overblown to me. Not you or Bo in particular, but the reaction(s) to a failed test for marijuana. But hell, Ron Washington just failed a test for cocaine and he’s considered at top manager. Jonathan will be ok.

Welcome to the age of “me”. Kids who continue to make stupid mistakes, are doomed to repeat them. As a highly touted prospect, you would THINK that
would make him more humble. No two ways about it, if he gets caught again it’s game over. Let’s hope Bo Porter knocked some of his brains back in his thick skull.

Why is it “game over”? Like you said, he’s a kid. I’m all on board for punishing because he did break the rules (even though they’re outdated/stupid) but cut the kid a break. Harsh words and doubting his or the generations character is rather tacky in my opinion.


Brian, this was good of Bo to Jonathan know it is up to him to make the change, and that the Astros as a club is behind him to make these adjustments !!!                         Ralph


If he get’s another suspension……..he will be out of baseball. Simple really
this is his SECOND infraction with substance abuse, there is no third life-line.
Tacky? Nope! Just telling it as it is.

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