Harrell keeps ball down, coasts through 3 innings

Astros starter Lucas Harrell breezed through three innings against water-down Yankees team Thursday afternoon, allowing three hits in three scoreless innings.  He said he tried to keep his sinker down the zone, which resulted in a steady diet of ground balls.

“I tried to work it a lot today and I think the results kind of showed with the ground balls,” he said. “When the defense is playing good and throwing strikes, it’s always a good combo.”

Harrell also attacked the strike zone more than his first outing of the spring.

“So the big thing I was trying to do was attack the strike zone and get early contact and also throw a lot of strike one,” he said.

Harrell threw 20 more pitches in the bullpen to get more work in.

“I was hoping I could go another inning,” he said. “I was hoping to get up to 50 pitches. I told [pitching coach Doug Brocail] before the game my goal is to try to throw around 50 pitches. You try to be efficient but sometimes at Spring Training it works the other way. You want to go ahead and throw the 50 pitches, but you also want to get those pitches in against live batters.”


Lucas looked good today. The team seems to really be coming together. Getting super excited about opening day!


Brian, Lucas Harrell is getting his act together, so, he just needs to keep it going !!!!                 Ralph 


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