Crane says TV deal needs to be good one for Astros

Astros owner Jim Crane, who arrived in town on Thursday to catch the Astros for a few days, provided an update on the team’s negotiations to have regional sports network CSN Houston available in more markets in the Houston area.

The regional sports network, which is jointly owned the Astros, NBA’s Houston Rockets and NBC, launched in October and isn’t available yet on DirecTV, Dish Network and ATT U-verse. Crane said he’s been involved in recent negotiations and still expects to get a deal done.

“I think something is going to happen,” he said. “We’re concerned about our fans. We want our fans to watch the game and we want to get this deal done. If there’s a little pain in the short term, we’ve got to be willing to do that that because we can’t sacrifice the future. That’s the whole them on the ball team.”

Crane the pressure point will be when the regular season starts March 31, but he stressed the deal must be a good one for the Astros considering it’s for the long term.

“What fans need to understand is we really need to cut a good deal here,” he said. “This is a long-term deal, and it will really affect the ability to finance the team and the payroll. We have to have a deal that’s market with the Rangers and Angels and should be able to get that. We can’t really cut a bad deal that’s a long-term deal because it will affect us in the long term, and we don’t want to do that. We want to have our payroll where the Rangers’ is so we can compete with everybody. That’s the key.”


Unfortunately, if they do not get a deal done by the beginning of the season there will be little incentive to strike one before next year. The Rockets’ season is almost over and the Astros are not expected to be a contender this year. As much as Crane wants fans to be patient and understand there negotiations take time, the reality is that it’s yet another proof point that the organization has decided to take its lumps in the short-term (on the field and with fans) in order to build a sustainable franchise 2-3 years down the road.

What I hear….BLAH BLAH BLAH! You are not doing what’s “GOOD FOR THE FANS” if we can’t watch the games. I really hope they get a deal done before March 31 (24 days), but I really don’t have a good feeling that they will. *sigh*

From what I just read in your post is that the folks in San Antonio who subscribe to Time Warner Cable will be left out of the picture. Some people here might have Dish and Direct but I don’t. I would like very much to watch the games but I guess they won’t be available to me.

Wow crane didn’t take long for you to become greedy, not only do u take away a beautiful left field view of downtown with that awful billboard now you and Comcast are what I like to call extorting fans to buy into your consecutive 100 lose team, really to me you should pay us for watching this franchise become the Pittsburgh pirates of the American League

I have mixed feelings about this. Long term the deal will pay for a better team, but to date the Astros have not shown any signs of wanting buy a better team – seems they are broke. Short term; who cares they won’t be worth watching for a while, so when the deal is done is not important. It is a Catch22, why should I pay to watch other teams play baseball; when my team is there to be beaten. Sign-up here for another 100 game losing season…


Brian, this may be good alright, but I wonder about the attendance at the ballpark, will this increase this or hinder it ?


I understand that our future payroll hinges on the deal that they’re trying to get done now with Comcast. With inflation of player salaries and the fact that mlb teams are moving to this method of revenue, the Astros will not be able to compete with the rangers and angels and Yankees of MLB. bottom line: in ten years when we look back at this deal, we can either be praising it because we can go out and compete for the best free agents, or we can look at it to explain why we’re still just a mediocre team. I can miss a few games this season if that means we will be able to watch a championship caliber team in ten years.

The comcast deal is, get ready——$400 million right into Cranes pocket over the next 10yrs. So, *SURE*…….he wants to get this deal done. Crapping all over the fans is just an after thought. It is what it is.

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