Lyles not concerned with results…yet

Astros right-hander Jordan Lyles wasn’t thrilled with giving up seven hits and six runs in only two-thirds of an inning Friday against the Braves, but he threw caution to the wind, reminding reporters he’s still throwing primarily fastballs and changeups.

Still, the Braves sent nine batters to the plate against Lyles, who threw 33 pitches, and seven of them reached base via a hit, including a hard-hit double by Reed Johnson and a two-run homer by Freddie Freeman.

“Today they just hit balls where guys weren’t, they balls hard, they hit balls soft,” Lyles said. “The credit goes to them. It has nothing to do with me really. When it comes right down to it, I need to make better pitches. But I’m not throwing all my pitches right now. The scoreboard doesn’t look good but that’s not the main focus right now.”

When his outing was through, Lyles went to the back fields and worked with Triple-A Oklahoma City pitching coach Steve Webber.

“The past few years I’ve had a tendency to dip my shoulders a little bit and I was working on staying back a little more,” he said. “It was good work. I understand why they came and got me this early. There’s no need for me to throw as many pitches as I did in one inning. I wasn’t upset about that, and it give me a chance to get work in at my own pace.”

In three starts this year, Lyles is 0-3 with a 25.20 ERA. He’s pitched five innings in three starts and allowed 20 hits and 14 earned runs.

“I’m definitely not concerned, but I don’t think anybody in this clubhouse is happy with giving up runs after runs,” Lyles said. “It’s part of the game, but I think next outing I’ll start mixing in my cutter and slider. I think these outings won’t show up as much when I start mixing in those pitches and start going for outs.”

Lyles said the ball feels as good coming out of his hand as it has this early in the last few springs. His next start will be a better indicator of where he’s at in the spring.

“When you’re out there, you’re still competing, don’t get me wrong,” he said. “I’m not saying ‘Here’s the ball hit, it as far as you can.’ Guys are going to see the boxscore and are not going to be happy, but I’m getting myself ready for Apri, and this is Spring Training and I want to go into the season healthy. That’s my main focus.”



Brian, doesn’t sound like his fastball and changeup pitch is working very good at the time, maybe he need another pitch like a good curve ball, or slider to give them something different to look at !!!                                                Ralph


I know it’s just Spring Training, but I’m a little concerned. Lyles has definitely struggled in the 3 games he’s pitched. Hope he find his stuff soon!

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