Porter yanks Martinez for ‘mental mistake’

Astros manager Bo Porter pulled starting left-fielder J.D. Martinez in the middle of the fourth inning Monday night for what Martinez later admitted to be a mental mistake during his at-bat in the top of the inning, a pop out to second base.

Porter was asked following the Astros’ 3-0 loss to the Mariners if Martinez, who was hitting clean-up for the first time this year, had been injured, and he told reporters to ask Martinez what happened.

“That was a manager’s decision,” Porter said. “You go ask him why he didn’t finish the game. I’m actually interested in what he’s going to tell you.”

Martinez admitted to making a mistake during the at-bat, but wouldn’t go much beyond that. He swung at a first-pitch fastball from Joe Saunders and popped out after striking out looking in the first inning. Designated hitter Chris Carter swung at the first pitch the at-bat prior to Martinez, too.

“From a baseball standpoint, I made a mistake today,” Martinez said. “I had a mental error going up to the plate and was totally my fault. I understand everything what Bo did, taking me out and everything. I hold nothing against him in that sense because what I did was unacceptable and it was just a mental mistake that will never happen again.”

Martinez hinted went against the approach that was discussed at the hitter’s meeting prior to the game.

“It was just something going up to the plate, our plan and everything,” he said. “I got caught in the moment and really didn’t take a step back. The game was moving quick and I totally slipped, and I take full responsibility for it.”

Martinez has no problem with how Porter handled the situation.

“I completely get it,” he said. “I don’t want it to come off as me being selfish and not being about the team. That’s not what my intentions were. You just get caught up in the game sometimes and you want to go up there and you want to hit so bad and your plan sometimes just flies out the window.”


Hmmmmmm….Bo isn’t messing around. Wonder if they’ll expand on the “mental error” explanation any today.

Bo replaced JD with Ankiel, who promptly struck out twice! Oh Bo sures knows baseball!

I’ve seen the Astros way to frequently this season let get me over fastballs go by on the first pitch and ultimately strikeout to blame a player for swinging at the first pitch.

No amount of “rha rha ree kick ’em in the knee” is going to work with this club.
They played way over their head in ST, and now that the games count………
they fall flat on their face. At this point Porter is pretty much in a bind, ’cause
he can’t depend on ANY ONE NOT NAMED ALTUVE…..to get on base.
Tough to watch.

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