Porter gives Wallace the day off

Astros manager Bo Porter gave struggling first baseman Brett Wallace the day off Wednesday after he went 0-for-4 with four strikeouts during the team’s 22-hit outburst on Tuesday. Wallace is 1-for-21 this season with 17 strikeouts.

“Sometimes you need to take a step back,” Porter said. “You can be trying so hard with extra work and video and reading game reports and over-analyzing each and every at-bat to where you probably need to take a step back. We’re going to give him the day off, we have an off day on Thursday, and Friday send him back in there. I think the results are going to be in a more positive light for Brett.”

Wallace singled in his second at-bat of the season March 31 against the Rangers, but has gone 0-for-19 since with 16 strikeouts.

“I think the thing that’s kind of crazy is swing-wise, I feel pretty good and my swing feels like it’s not that far off,” he said. “It’s just timing and contact point adjustments that need to be made. I think that’s one of the things you just have to keep your head down and keep working, and the more at-bats you get, you see the ball travel and let it get a little deeper and go from there.”


Hoping Brett can turn things around soon. Maybe a day off to clear his head will help. The strikeouts are getting ridiculous.


Brian, this is one problem that Brett has, when he is hot, he is good, but when he is not hitting, it takes a while before he gets in the grove again, so maybe this will help Brett get a different look at himself, this is a careover from last year, starting off good, then getting out of sink with his batting !!!                                                Ralph


The only probledm Brett has is between his ears. He is a GOOD player, but I think all the jerking him around last year by Mills, and Luhnow…..he lost his “mojo”.
Who knows, maybe he has some kind of anxiety disorder.

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