Astros battle Indians, Myers at Minute Maid

The Astros will reunite with old friend Brett Myers tonight at Minute Maid Park in the first game of a three-game series against the Indians, who have lost four in a row as they hit Houston. The Astros, who have lost five in a row, are 10-8 all-time against the Indians, including 7-5 in Houston, but this is the first meeting between the teams as American League foes. Lucas Harrell starts for the Astros.

Here are the lineups:

2B Jose Altuve

CF Justin Maxwell

C Jason Castro

DH Chris Carter

1B Carlos Pena

LF J.D. Martinez

RF Rick Ankiel

3B Matt Dominguez

SS Marwin Gonzalez

RHP Lucas Harrell



Brain, a little different line-up, we will see if this will bring a win, Britt gone to AAA again,  we have a different 1’st baseman  and DH to see if this will make a difference, hope Lucas in on his game plan !!!                                                    Ralph


Glad to see a good game and a win, finally!!

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