Luhnow considers Norris crucual to future

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow was adamant Monday the team wasn’t planning to trade starting pitcher Bud Norris despite persistent rumors he’s on the trade block. Norris is 2-2 with a 4.74 ERA heading into his fifth start of the season Tuesday against the Mariners.

“Bud’s a critical part of our team,” Luhnow said. “He’s always going to be rumored to be moved, and that’s unfortunate for him and unfortunate for us, but here’s nothing active happening right now. There hasn’t been in a long time and we’re not planning on moving Bud. He’s an important part of our team right now.”


Thank goodness this is just front office P.R.; I’d be worried if I thought our GM really did view a 28-year-old two-pitch poor-command pitcher who can’t get into the seventh inning a “critical part” of anything.


Brian, I think he is right, but Bud need to mix up his pitches more and maybe put something else on his pitches, he seems to have a little better control, but the walks hurts when you put men on bases !!!                                                           Ralph


The kiss of *death*………….

I’m pretty sure no one is safe on this team. If the right offer were put out on the table I could see the front office parting ways with anyone!!

You can bet Altuve is safe on this team.

No, I’d bet that even Altuve has a price. Money talks and I’m pretty sure if an amazing offer came along they’d part ways with him too. Oh, the joys of a rebuilding club.

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