Peacock moved to the bullpen

Right-hander Brad Peacock, who has struggled as a starter this year, was told Monday by manager Bo Porter he was being moved into the bullpen. The team’s starter for Thursday’s game against Detroit will be announced later. Peacock, acquired from the A’s on Feb. 4 in the Jed Lowrie trade, went 1-3 with an 8.44 ERA in 21 1/3 innings in five starts.

“It more so has to do with us an organization trying to put him in position where he could have some success,” Porter said. “We believe that he’s still a starting pitcher and you guys have witnessed it. We’ve had starters go down in the bullpen and pitch in long relief and they’ve had great success, and we’re hoping the same thing can happen with Brad Peacock.”

Porter wouldn’t say if the Astros’ starter for Thursday would come from among their long relievers — Travis Blackley, Paul Clemens or Jose Ciserno — or from Triple-A.

“Jeff [Luhnow] and I had a good conversation yesterday and we continued that conversation today and we’ll have an announcement later this week of who that starter will be,” he said.

Porter said Peacock just gets need to get some confidence.

“It’s amazing what success can do for you,” he said. “The whole plan is to try to get him down there, find some favorable match-ups and situations to put him in rather than starting the game. Hopefully, the success he’s able to have in the bullpen builds him back up where we get him back into the rotation. That is definitely the plan.”

Peacock had trouble throwing strikes, which got him in deep counts and ran his pitch count up high. The Astros want him to attack hitters more, and the bullpen will give him a chance to do that.

“When you’re a starter and you think about pacing yourself throughout a game where hitters are probably going to see you three times and you’re talking six, seven innings, the difference coming out of the bullpen is basically you come in and say to yourself, ‘This guy’s going to see me one time,'” Porter said. “The mentality of attack is a little bit different coming out of the bullpen.

“When you look at Peacock in the games in which he started, there were a lot of deep counts. From a mental standpoint, one of the things I’m hoping comes out of the bullpen [move] is more of an attack-mode and once he’s in the rotation it carries over.”


Good move……..the kid was getting shelled. Bo Porter is pressing and so are his players, which makes for a rather TENSE clubhouse. Not good.


Brian, that is the problem many times with a guy changing leagues, his pitches are not the same as before because of different caliber of play, takes a little time to adjust, but in the bullpen he will have more time to adjust !!!                                   Ralph


Peacock didn’t fair much better out of the pen tonight. I hope he gets his head back in the game……he’s a good kid, baseball CAN ruin a young pitcher.

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