Norris could be facing final few days with Astros

The Astros play their second to last game before the Trade Deadline when they meet the Blue Jays on Sunday. The team is off on Monday before opening a series in Baltimore, where right-handed Bud Norris will get the ball in the series opener. Norris remains the center of trade talks and could be dealt prior to Tuesday or in the hours before Wednesday afternoon’s deadline.

Norris is 0-2 with an 8.47 ERA in his last three starts, and manager Bo Porter spoke to him last week about the importance of worrying about pitching and ignoring any rumors. Porter thinks Norris is in a better frame of mind now.

“I explained this Bud in several conversations in which we’ve had as it relates to this whole trade rumor: the best thing you can do is go out and play,” Porter said. “I don’t have a crystal ball, Bud Norris doesn’t have a crystal ball. None of us are psychic. We can’t predict what’s going to happen. Is there a probability? Yes, because he’s a commodity in which other people would like to have, but at the same time he’s a commodity for us as well.

“Like I said to him, just go out and pitch and don’t worry about what the next day is going to bring and whether you’re going to be here or someplace else. Let the decision-makers that are making those decisions be able to be allowed them to make the decisions and you control the portion of this that’s in your hands, which is your performance.”

Relief pitcher Jose Veras could also be moved prior to Wednesday, and Porter acknowledged there’s a chance some deals could be made.

“When you have players other teams are interested in, you’re bouncing a bunch of things off the wall,” Porter said. “Obviously, I’m here on the field with the day to day, so I’m not privileged to all the many conversation in which they’re having, but [general manager] Jeff [Luhnow] and I are in communication in relations to the different teams that are interested in our players.”

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I love me some Bud (Norris)! As a fan I hope he makes it through the deadline still an Astro, but I know that the chances don’t look good. With the re-building of the team and the amount of money Bud would likely get in arbitration I’m sure his days in Houston are numbered and that is just a bummer. He will be missed!

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