Springer finishing out season at Oklahoma City

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow for the first time Friday said the outfielder George Springer would stay at Triple-A Oklahoma City for the rest of its season, which could include a trip to the playoffs. Whether Springer gets called to Houston afterwards remains to be seen, but don’t expect him in an Astros uniform anytime soon.

Oklahoma City finishes its regular season Sept. 2, but appears headed for the playoffs.

“The most important thing I want everybody to focus on is he’s having a great year, he’s a guy that unless something changes is going to be in our outfield next year,” Luhnow said. “All this discussion about what day is he coming up is really not that relevant right now. What’s relevant is a he’s a guy we’re excited about, he’s having a tremendous year, we’re going to let him finish his year at Oklahoma City and make a determination after that as far as how much time’s left and whether or not is makes sense to bring him up.

“I see him as a guy who’s going to come to Spring Training next year competing for our every day center fielder job, and I see him as a big part of our team next year. That’s really the message I want our fans to focus on, not worry too much about the date he comes up. There’s a lot of factors that go into it, and we’ll make the best decision for the organization.”

Springer, 23, has split time between Double-A Corpus Christi and Oklahoma City, hitting a combined .303 with a Minor League-leading 33 homers and 98 RBIs with 38 stolen bases entering play Friday. He’s the first player in the Minors to hit 30 home runs and steal at least 30 bases since former Oakland Athletics farmhand Grant Desme in 2009.

“As a general manger, when the fans are asking when your players are coming up because they want to see them in the big leagues, that’s a testament to our scouts and player development people and Springer himself for doing what he’s done this year,” Luhnow said.


Ummm…what? Is this man crazy? Or is there a feud going on between Luhnow and Springer that we don’t know about? Please help, Brian! Get to the bottom of this story for the sake of my sanity.

I just got to the bottom of it. They want him to finish year on OKC and playing meaningful baseball and help RedHawks win a title.

Fans keep asking because they want to buy tickets to see him THIS year.

I haven’t been to a single game, but when Springer is called up my Dad, my brothers, our friends, etc will likely go. Crane stands to profit from it.

Calling up Springer is a way for the front office to show good will to the fans and get them excited about next year. Its also a testament to the beginning of the turn around.


Brian, yes, the season is winding down, Luhnow still has not found his dream team, and it looks like it will have be another year before he see the complete results of this team !!!!!        Ralph


Sure, bringing Springer up may bring an extra fan or two out to MMP to see him his first game, but the team will continue to be in last place and the fandom will die off again. I’m perfectly ok with the front office leaving him in OKC to finish off the season with LOTS of at-bats and with a WINNING team.

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