Astros don’t want to lose Draft picks

Not surprisingly, the Astros are not expected to make a run at any of the big-name free agents this winter. First, convincing someone to sign for five years to come to Houston might be a hard sell at this point in the team’s rebuilding process, but the Astros need to spread their available money around to three or four players than get one big-ticket guy.

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow was asked at the GM Meetings on Tuesday about the club’s plans for free agency. Astros owner Jim Crane told last month the team would have a payroll of between $50-60 million next year.

“We definitely are going to think twice before making any big commitments that include losing a draft pick and/or committing a lot of dollars for a long period of time,” Luhnow said. “Having said that, we’re doing our own analysis on every free agent that’s out there. There is a price at which we’d be interested in almost all of them.

“Whether or not that’s the price that would transact, I don’t know. There’s some good players out there. Given the number of teams with needs, would we be likely to come away with one of the top guys? I can’t handicap that. I think it’s probably a long shot. But we’re going to sign some guys that are going to help our club.”

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Brian, looks like Jeff came to the conclusion hat sometime the numbers don’t add up on a player,it’s he’s playing out on the field !!!!!!!!!!!                                 Ralph 


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