FanFest photo gallery

Here are some photos from FanFest. I’m nobody’s photographer, but it’s better than nothing…

FanFest 001

Quinton McCracken, Mark Appel, George Springer, David Stearns

FanFest 002

George Springer and Max Stassi

FanFest 003

Carlos Correa

FanFest 004

Mike Foltynewicz

FanFest 007

Carlos Correa

FanFest 008

Max Stassi

FanFest 009

Robbie Grossman

FanFest 010

Mike Foltynewicz and Matt Dominguez

FanFest 011

George Springer, No. 8

FanFest 012

Max Stassi

FanFest 013

Josh Zeid and Jarred Cosart

FanFest 015

Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens, Mark Appel, Jose Altuve

FanFest 016

Jose Altuve

FanFest 019

Mark Appel

FanFest 021

Jose Altuve

FanFest 022

Josh “Big Country” Fields

FanFest 024

Matt Albers, Chad Qualls, Steve Sparks, Jeff Luhnow

FanFest 027

Jeff Luhnow and Bill Brown in my living room…just kidding

FanFest 032

Lucas Harrell and Chris Carter

FanFest 033

Lucas Harrell

FanFest 034

Brad Peacock

FanFest 037

Jesse Crain and Brett Wallace

FanFest 038

Brett Wallace


Such a great event this year!!

Big Country Fields…good one.


Brain, what a fantastic turn out for the guys, and looks like you got some great pictures of the guys !!!                          Ralph            

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