Astros chime in with Super Bowl predictions

As the Astros prepare for Spring Training two weeks from now, the Super Bowl is what’s occupying many minds. Not surprisingly, football is very popular in the Astros clubhouse and most players will be watching to see who wins Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and the Broncos. With that in mind, I polled some members of the front office, some broadcasters and a whole lot of players to get their predictions on who will win Sunday’s game.

Astros manager Bo Porter, who played football Iowa and briefly considered going to the game, thinks the Broncos will win. I asked him to tell me why, and it was clear he’s not your average football fan. Porter is also close friends with two-time Super Bowl-winning coach Bill Parcells and plans to spend a couple of days with him in Florida in about 10 days before heading to Kissimmee.

“I would think the Broncos  would win,” he said. “I don’t think Seattle is going to score enough to keep up with them. When you look at both team’s strengths, Denver’s strength is their offense and Seattle’s strength is their defense. But when you look at Seattle strength being their defense, it starts with their front seven. Because of Denver’s personnel, they will not be able to play the front seven they have been planning because one of those lineman or one of those linebackers is going to have to leave the field and they’re going to play with five DBs. That changes the dynamic of their strength, and Denver gets to play with the strength they’ve played with all year.”

His prediction: Denver 31, Seattle 17

Here are some other predictions from those associated with the Astros:

Matt Albers: Denver, 24-20

Kevin Chapman: Denver, 21-17 “Broncos’ peypey MVP, Doritos best commercial.”

Chad Qualls: Denver, 27-20. “Seattle’s ‘D’ and ’12th Man’ are less of a factor with the game not being at home. Peyton adds to his accolades, al a Elway.”

Max Stassi: Denver, 35-14. “Big fan of Peyton Manning. A true professional in the sport of football and love to see him succeed after a major injury.”

Alex White: Denver, 30-17. “I’m pulling hard for the Broncos.”

Steve Sparks, broadcaster: Denver, 34-24

Matt Dominguez: Denver 35-21

Jesse Crain: Denver 27-25. “Gotta go with my team, the Broncos!!”

Brett Wallace: Denver, 24-17. “I gotta go with Denver. After the Seahawks knocked my Niners out and the way that played out after, can’t root for them.”

L.J. Hoes: Seattle, 28-25

Josh Zeid: Denver, 21-17

Dallas Keuchel. Denver, 28-17

Marc Krauss: Denver, 23-20. “The sheriff finishes his MVP season off right.”

Geoff Blum, broadcaster: Seattle, 27-21 (West Coast bias by Blum showing through)

David Stearns, assistant GM: Denver, 35-10

Robert Ford, broadcaster: Seattle, 21-17

Julia Morales, CSN Houston: Denver, 24-13

Reid Ryan, president of baseball operations: Denver, 27-24

Brett Oberholtzer: Denver, 27-23. “I have a Ray Lewis type fairytale ending for Peyton.”

J.D. Martinez, Denver: 24-20

Jarred Cosart, Denver: 24-17

Brian McTaggart, Seattle, 28-24


Greis, Astros Fan: Denver 24 – 16

Great job, team. Now, let’s get to back baseball and forget today happened!

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