Biggio says Jeter’s legacy is secure

Fellow 3,000-hit member Craig Biggio counts himself has a huge fan of Yankees legend Derek Jeter, who announced on Wednesday he was retiring at the end of this season. Biggio, a New Yorker and 20-year Astros legend, has great admiration for Jeter and the way he played the game.

“I guess you know all good things come to an end,” he said. “For Derek, he’s had an unbelievable career. his legacy with the Yankees and in baseball is really second to none. He’s got a long of things to be proud of. I think the biggest thing is, the most important thing, is the respect he got from his teammates and the respect he got from other players.”

Biggio announced he was retiring before the 2007 season, so he knows what Jeter will be going through when he makes the rounds to different ballparks. He received several gifts along the way, including a grill and a supply of bratwurst prior to his final games in Milwaukee.

“I just think the biggest thing is to enjoy it, and I think it’s such a classy move,” he said. “If you know what you’re going to be doing, to be able to announce to the fans so they can get an opportunity to watch you play one more time, that’s great. A lot f times when players don’t know or keep holding on, the fans will be held at bay because the players don’t know. If they know it’s going to be the end, the fans could go out and show their kids and grand kids and say ‘Hey, I watched him his whole career. He played the game the way you were supposed to play.’ It’s a classy move on his part. He knows what he wants to do, and I think it’s just great.”

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