Bo Porter’s statement on being let go by Astros

Astros manager Bo Porter sent this statement via text message to some members of the media:

“I want to thank the Astros Organization for giving me my first opportunity to Manage Major League Baseball.

During my time in Houston I dedicated myself to do everything I could to help this Organization win, in the short-term and for the long-term.

I am proud of what we were able to accomplish in Houston with an Organization in transition. I’m gratified we were able to bring some excitement to this city as a result of our improvement from 2013 to 2014.

I am enthusiastic about what the future will bring for me and my family. I look forward to my next opportunity in Major League Baseball. The valuable experience I gained with the Astros will be extremely beneficial in all my future endeavors.

I want to especially thank my players, my staff and support staff for all their efforts in our attempt to develop a Championship culture doing my time as Manager of the Houston Astros.

I want to thank the baseball community for your kind words and the countless text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails. Your support is what makes our game and industry so great!

Last but surely not least I want to thank the city of Houston and the fans for the incredible support they have shown towards me and my family during our time in Houston.

I wish the Astros well in the future and look forward to the next chapter of my baseball career.”


Brian, this is a wonderful letter or statement from Bo, it looks like he new this was coming, and is holding his head high with the experience he had with the Astros club and what they were able to accomplish this past year over the year before, I wish the best for Bo, I think he did what he could with his knowledge of the game and player personal !!!!          Ralph


Stros were foolish to fire Porter! He is a good youun coach that had team playing hard. They have exceeded expectations this year. Stros will look back and regret this decision

I think BO did the best he could with a minor league organization and a minor league owner!!!!

Good luck Bo, you did a great job given what you had to work with. You will land on your feet, and I will root for you all the way. You are a class guy

Good job Bo

He managed the team given to him. He’ll hook up with another team soon. He’s a great coach and mentor of the game. Best wishes to him and his family.

It is good that Bo has the class to put a positive face on what was a farce of a firing by GM Jeff Luhnow. The rest if us need not be so kind.

Despite the current record, the Astros have played a net .500 baseball for close to 5 months despite the carousel of barely major league players who have paraded through the Astros dugout throughout this year.

As for GM (lowball) Jeff Luhnow, he has shown himself AGAIN to be a bush GM and human being. Let us not forget the fiasco of a draft that left him as one of the few GMs in major league baseball history who could not come to terms with the #1 draft pick. If the GM is having disagreements about the on-the-field manager about on the field decisions, he should either hire a yes man ( who I know Biggio is NOT going to be ) or get down in the dugout HIMSELF and show everyone how he can successfully GM and manage the team from the dugout at the same time.

All the best to Bo in his future endeavors. Hopefully there won’t be any more bush Gms in his future like ( lowball ) GM Jeff Luhnow.

Hey Jeff – BATTER UP!!!

Right move for Crane; wrong man.

Sounds like some internal issues,,,Good Luck to both parties.

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