What cap should Biggio wear in Hall of fame?

Craig Biggio’s career spanned 20 years in Houston (1988-2007) and three major uniform changes, from the rainbow sleeves (1989-1993) to the blue and gold shooting star (1994-99) look and to the brick red and pinstripes, which the team began wearing when Minute Maid Park (then Enron Field) opened in 2000.







Now that Biggio has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, he’ll have to decide which logo will appear on his plaque in Cooperstown, N.Y. Players get to choose with help from the Hall of Fame, and it’s  not always cut and dry. When Greg Maddux was elected to the Hall of Fame recently, he chose not to have any logo on his cap because of his success with the Cubs and Braves. Tony La Russa also doesn’t have a logo. So which cap logo would you like to see on Craig Biggio’s bust in Cooperstown? Vote now.


Can’t wait to visit Cooperstown for the 1st time in July…can’t wait to be a part of this amazing day!!

Brian, this is a good question, which hat will he place in the Hall, I think he should place the H over the star, I noticed when he was interviewed he wore the blue and gold shooting star, so it’s hard to say, but anyone that he chooses will honor him !!!                Ra


Being the first career Astro to enter the Hall, I would love to see Biggio go in with the orange star/white H as it’s the logo most commonly associated with the franchise.

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