Rasmus says Astros are enticing

Free agent outfielder Colby Rasmus took a physical in Houston on Tuesday in attempts to reach a deal with the Astros.

Rasmus, 28, spent the last four seasons with the Blue Jays after coming up with the Cardinals, where he was drafted by Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow when he was scouting director in St. Louis. Rasmus is a career .246 hitter with 116 homers and 352 RBIs in six seasons, hitting .225 with 18 homers and 40 RBIs last year.

“He was the scouting director in St. Louis and I’ve always been pretty tight with him,” Rasmus told MLB.com. “He was always good to me. I think he’s been good through this process.”

Rasmus said no deal is in place with the Astros, but a physical is typically the last step towards a deal being reached. Free agent pitcher Ryan Vogelsong was also in Houston on Tuesday to take a physical amid reports he’s in serious discussions with the Astros.

“I’ve always liked playing against the Astros and the way they’ve handled themselves,” Rasmus said. “I played with Lance Berkman, who was loyal to his time here. That was something that was on my mind, hearing him talk about it. Obviously, Jeff being the scouting director that drafted me, it looks pretty enticing.”

If the Astros are able to sign Rasmus they’d have another outfielder to put into the mix just one day after trading away starting center fielder Dexter Fowler to the Cubs in exchange for pitcher Dan Straily and infielder Luis Valbuena. Rasmus would give the Astros another left-handed bat.

Rasmus, who is from Alabama, said playing for a team in the south appeals to him, as well as being in the same division as his brother, Cory, who’s a pitcher with the Angels.

“I play hard and I would like to get back on some grass,” Rasmus said. “The turf in Toronto was pretty rough playing up there. Being in this division to be able to stay in some [warmer] climates and my brother is playing with the Angels and to be able to see him on some trips is pretty cool.

“To be in Texas and in the south– some people think that’s crazy – but it would be a beautiful thing to be close to home. I live nine hours away and all those things would help me be a better ballplayer and be relaxed and comfortable, and some of the guys on the team I know are great guys who I’ve played against.”

Vogelsong went 8-13 with a 4.00 ERA in 32 starts for the World Series champion Giants last year. He has a career 49-57 record with a 4.42 ERA in 10 Major League seasons with the Pirates and two stints with the Giants. His best year was in 2011 when he made the All-Star team in a season in which he finished 13-7 with a 2.71 ERA with the Giants.


$8 million would “entice” md too. His smart mouth will be his undoing.

Brian, sounds good, the batting average is not that good, but the 352 RBI has a good ring and would be a good addition to the team, getting the runs across the plate will make a big difference !!!               Ralph 


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