A look at Astros 2015 payroll

As promised, the Astros opened up their wallet this offseason by spending (so far) $27.5 million in free agency for 2015 with the additions to Colby Rasmus, Jed Lowrie, Luke Gregerson and Pat Neshek. They shed Dexter Fowler’s contract, but picked the up contracts of Luis Valbuena ($4.2 million), Evan Gattis, Hank Conger and Dan Straily in trades.

With the newcomers and the raises several players received in arbitration, the Astros’ 2015 payroll should come in around $70 million on Opening Day.

“Those are some pretty significant investments we made we are expecting to pay off in 2015,” general manager Jeff Luhnow said. “I do think it’s been a nice position to be in, and the fact we have a TV deal in place, our fans are starting to get excited and want to come check out what we’ve done. It all should build what I call a cycle where we increase our revenues and are able to increase our payroll next year and beyond that as this team continues to progress and become a playoff team as soon as possible.”

Here’s a look at the team’s 2015 salaries:

Scott Feldman                   $10,000,000

Colby Rasmus                    $8,000,000

Jed Lowrie                          $8,000,000

Luke Gregerson                   $6,000,000

Pat Neshek                         $5,500,000

Luis Valbuena                    $4,200,000

Chris Carter                        $4,175,000

Jason Castro                       $4,000,000

Chad Qualls                        $3,000,000

Jose Altuve                         $2,687,500

Tony Sipp                            $2,400,000

Jon Singleton                     $2,000,000

Hank Conger                      $1,075,000

Marwin Gonzalez              $1,062,500

Alex Presley                       $1,000,000

TOTAL                                $63,100,00

If the final 10 players on the 25-man roster, all of which will be players with 0-3 years of service time and not yet eligible for arbitration (assuming they don’t sign another player), make an average of $550,000, that’s roughly another $5.5 million in salary on the books.

Thus, the total is roughly $68,600,000.


Brian, now I know why the seats are the prices they are, I was a little disparity with the pay for Jose Altuve’s salary, Jose lead the league in batting and his glove was on the ball when hit his way, and the double plays that he made, put many games in the win column, but that is baseball for you, they have to pay the pictures the big price because other teams are  trying to get them also, that’s the reason I think Jose’s  payment should be a little higher because I think a lot of managers on other teams would like to have a man on their team life Jose !!!!            Ralph


I need to play baseball, apparently! Looking forward to the season!

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