Craig Biggio tours the Hall of Fame

Here are some photos of Craig Biggio’s tour of the Hall of Fame:

BiggioHOF 029

The Biggios were accompanied by Erik M. Strohl, VP of exhibitions of collections for the Hall of Fame

BiggioHOF 042 BiggioHOF 054 BiggioHOF 055 BiggioHOF 059 BiggioHOF 062 BiggioHOF 065 BiggioHOF 066 BiggioHOF 073 BiggioHOF 078 BiggioHOF 088 BiggioHOF 095 BiggioHOF 099 BiggioHOF 101 IMG_0806[1] IMG_0807[1] IMG_0811[1] IMG_0817[1] IMG_0823[1] IMG_0828[1] IMG_0829[1] IMG_0830[1] IMG_0837[1] IMG_0845[1] IMG_0851[1] IMG_0855[1] IMG_0864[1] IMG_0867[1] IMG_0874[1] IMG_0881[1] IMG_0884[1] IMG_0890[1] IMG_0894[1]


Craig Biggio, a man of honor and deserved it all, the hustle on the field, because of his love of the game made him what he is and it will carry over in life as a coach and one that represents the game !!!

What an awesome experience. So happy for Craig and can’t wait to see him on that wall in July. Bet it was an amazing experience for you too. Thanks for the great coverage!

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