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Astros-Mariners lineups

Astros vs. Mariners
Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – Safeco Field (9:10 p.m. CT)

Houston Astros (63-81)


Seattle Mariners (79-64)









Robbie Grossman (S)




Austin Jackson



Jose Altuve




Endy Chavez (L)



Dexter Fowler (S)




Robinson Cano (L)



Chris Carter




Kyle Seager (L)



Jason Castro (L)




Kendrys Morales (S)



Jake Marisnick




Logan Morrison (L)



Jon Singleton (L)




Mike Zunino



Matt Dominguez




Michael Saunders (L)



Jonathan Villar (S)




Brad Miller (L)


Starting Pitcher


Starting Pitcher


Collin McHugh (8-9, 2.89)




Roenis Elias (10-12, 3.90)


Astros showing bunt under Lawless

You eyes aren’t deceiving you. The Astros have been bunting much more since Tom Lawless took over as interim manager, just as he promised he would. In fact, bunts were instrumental in the Astros scoring runs late in the the past two games, especially since they didn’t homer on either Saturday or Sunday in Oakland.

In the sixth inning Saturday, Robbie Grossman had a sacrifice bunt and Jonathan Villar had a bunt single to help the Astros score a pair of runs. Jake Marisnick had a sacrifice bunt in the second inning Saturday as well.

In the seventh inning Sunday, Marwin Gonzalez had a sacrifice bunt that helped the Astros score a pair of runs. Lawless grew up playing that style of baseball under legendary Cardinals manager Whitey Ford and firmly believes in bunting and hitting and running.

“I watch the game and see how it’s going,” he said. “If the right guys comes up and the situation come ups and the last couple of games we really didn’t get a lot of hits, so for us to score runs we get two guys on and nobody out, what’s the better option? Bunting here or letting the guys swing away and if we hit into a double play we get nothing?

“If the right situation comes up and the right guys that can handle the bat and can drop the bunt, I take my chances in giving away an out. That’s the way I grew up. I grew up watching Whitey.”

Of course, bunting and giving away outs flies in the face of the analytical world, which preaches every out is precious. Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow, though, is letting Lawless manage how he sees fit.

“Nobody’s yelled at me yet,” Lawless joked. “It’s an idea you have to buy into. It’s nine guys playing team baseball. Whatever you have to do to push runs across, that’s what you have to do. We’re not taking the bat out of anybody’s hands. We’re getting a feel for what the game is telling us to do.”

Astros 2015 schedule

Astros 2015 schedule (times to be announced):

Astros 2015 schedule

April 6 – vs. Indians

April 8-9 – vs. Indians

April 10-12 – at Rangers

April 13-15 – vs. A’s

April 17-18 – vs. Angels

April 20-22 – at Mariners

April 24-26 – at A’s

April 27-29 – at Padres

April 30-May 3 – vs. Mariners

May 4-6 – vs. Rangers

May 7-10 – at Angels

May 12-13 – vs. Giants

May 14-17 – vs. Blue Jays

May 18-20 – vs. A’s

May 21-24 – at Tigers

May 25-27 – at Orioles

May 29-31 – vs. White Sox

June 1-4 – vs. Orioles

June 5-7 – at Blue Jays

June 8-10 – at White Sox

June 12-14 – vs. Mariners

June 15-16 – vs. Rockies

June 17-18 – at Rockies

June 19-21 – at Mariners

June 22-24 – at Angels

June 25-28 – vs. Yankees

June 29-July 1 – vs. Royals

July 3-5 – at Red Sox

July 6-9 – at Indians

July 10-12 – at Rays

July 14, All-Star Game, Cincinnati

July 17-19 – vs. Rangers

July 21-23 – vs. Red Sox

July 24-26 – at Royals

July 28-30 – vs. Angels

July 31-Aug. 2 – vs. D-backs

Aug. 3-5 – at Rangers

Aug. 6-9 – at A’s

Aug. 11-12 – at Giants

Aug. 14-16 – vs. Tigers

Aug. 17-20 – vs. Rays

Aug. 21-23 – vs. Dodgers

Aug. 25-26 – at Yankees

Aug. 28-30 – at Twins

Aug. 31-Sept. 2 – vs. Mariners

Sept. 4-6 – vs. Twins

Sept. 7-9 – at A’s

Sept. 11-13 – at Angels

Sept. 14-17 – at Rangers

Sept. 18-20 – vs. A’s

Sept. 21-24 – vs. Angels

Sept. 25-27 – vs. Rangers

Sept. 28-30 – at Mariners

Oct. 2-4 – at D-backs


Mallee welcomes Bonds input

Astros hitting coach John Mallee, who has one of his players leading the Major Leagues in hits and batting average (Jose Altuve) and another among the leaders in home runs (Chris Carter), said he welcomed Barry Bonds’ visit to batting practice on Saturday at Coliseum.

Bonds, who’s hit more home runs than any player in history, lives in the Bay Area and is friends with Astros outfielder Dexter Fowler, who asked Mallee earlier this year if Bonds could come and spend some time around the club.

“If he wants to come out and hang out and look around and tell us what he sees, that’s fine,” Mallee told Fowler.

Mallee was talking to Bonds on Saturday about rookie slugger Jon Singleton, who entered Sunday hitting .179 with 13 homers and 42 RBIs, and Bonds asked Mallee if he could talk to him. The two wound up talking for nearly 15 minutes behind the batting cage about approach and how to set pitchers up and the importance of practice and commitment.

“That’s invaluable information,” Mallee said. “Coming from a guy like that, it was great he was able to spend time with these young kids in that regard. He told [Singleton], ‘You need to take the S off your shirt for Superman and put the P on there for practice. And you have to practice and practice right all the time. You’ve got to work with direction, you have to focus and you have to pay attention to your at-bats in the course of game and see how this guy is pitching you and then make adjustments. You’re going to learn that over time.’

“It’s the same thing we’ve talked about, and coming from him it’s a big deal for the kids and they’re lucky to have an opportunity to speak with him.”


Instructional league roster

  Deetz, Dean RHP R/R 6’1” 190 11/29/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Dykxhoorn, Brock RHP R/R 6’8” 240 07/02/1994 20.2 2014 Canada
  Garcia, Junior LHP L/L 6’1” 180 10/01/1995 18.11 2013 Dominican Republic
  Gatlin, John RHP R/R 6’5” 225 12/14/1990 23.9 2014 United States
  Gause, Jay RHP R/R 6’2” 240 04/24/1992 22.4 2014 United States
  German, Devonte RHP R/R 6’5″ 240 10/14/1994 19.11 2013 United States
  Guduan, Reymin LHP L/L 6’4” 190 03/16/1992 22.5 2010 Dominican Republic
  James, Joshua RHP R/R 6’3” 200 03/08/1993 21.6 2014 United States
  Martes, Francis RHP R/R 6’0” 170 11/24/1995 18.9 2013 Dominican Republic
  Mengden, Daniel RHP R/R 6’1” 210 02/19/1993 21.6 2014 United States
  Perez, Jorge RHP R/R 6’0” 175 07/30/1993 21.1 2013 United States
  Radziewski, Bryan LHP L/L 5’10” 190 02/21/1992 22.6 2014 United States
  Santos, Juan RHP R/R 6’4″ 240 08/30/1995 19.0 2013 Puerto Rico
  Solarte, Alejandro LHP L/L 6’4” 180 09/22/1994 19.11 2012 Venezuela
  Thompson, Ryan RHP R/R 6’5” 215 06/26/1992 22.2 2014 United States
  Velazquez, Derick RHP R/R 6’4” 200 11/28/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Castro, Ruben C / 2B L/R 5’10” 182 07/10/1996 18.2 2014 Puerto Rico
  Gonzalez, Alfredo C R/R 6’1″ 190 07/13/1992 22.2 2011 Venezuela
  Holberton, Brian C L/R 5’10” 190 06/10/1992 22.3 2013 United States
  Nottingham, Jacob C R/R 6’3″ 200 04/03/1995 19.5 2013 United States
  Ritchie, Jamie C R/R 6’2” 190 04/09/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Davis, JD 3B R/R 6’2” 190 04/09/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Fernandez, Jose SS R/R 6’1” 170 05/20/1993 21.3 2010 Dominican Republic
  Goedert, Connor 3B R/R 6’3” 195 12/14/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Hyde, Mott SS R/R 5’10” 190 03/10/1992 22.6 2014 United States
  McCall, Dexture 1B R/R 6’1” 220 01/29/1994 20.7 2014 United States
  Moran, Colin 3B L/R 6’4” 215 10/01/1992 21.11 2013 United States
  McDonald, Chase 1B R/R 6’2” 260 06/02/1992 22.3 2013 United States
  White, Tyler 3B R/R 5’11” 225 10/29/1990 23.10 2013 United States
  Nunez, Antonio UTL R/R 5’9” 165 01/10/1993 21.8 2014 United States
  Reed, AJ 1B L/L 6’4” 240 05/10/1993 21.4 2014 United States
  Roa, Hector 1B/OF R/R 6’1” 195 03/01/1995 19.6 2012 United States
  Santos, Jeffry SS S/R 6’2” 150 01/04/1993 21.8 2011 Dominican Republic
  Tanielu, Nick 2B/3B R/R 5’11” 205 09/04/1992 22.0 2014 United States
  Trompiz, Kristian SS/2B R/R 6’1” 160 12/02/1995 18.9 2013 Venezuela
  Bottger, Ryan OF S/R 6’0” 210 04/14/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Boyd, Bobby CF L/R 5’9” 180 01/04/1993 21.8 2014 United States
  Fisher, Derek OF L/R 6’3” 207 08/21/1993 21.0 2014 United States
  Martin, Jason CF L/R 5’10” 175 09/05/1995 19.0 2013 United States
  Mejia, Brauly OF R/R 6’0” 185 10/28/1994 19.10 2012 Dominican Republic
  Ramsay, James CF L/L 5’11” 180 03/02/1992 22.6 2013 United States
  Wik, Marc UTL L/R 5’11” 195 07/18/1992 22.1 2012 United States

Luhnow lauds coaching staff

Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said no decision has been made whether any members of the coaching staff would return next year, but he did give a vote of confidence to hitting coaches John Mallee and Ralph Dickenson, third-base coach Pat Listach, first-base coach Tarrick Brock and pitching coach Brent Strom.

Luhnow is in the process of beginning the search for a full-time manager and bench coach after Bo Porter and Dave Trembley were dismissed Monday. Tom Lawless is serving as interim manager and Adam Everett as interim bench coach.

“Our hitting guys have done a nice job this, as evidenced by [Chris] Carter,” Luhnow said. “[Jose] Altuve, I’m not sure he needs much coaching, but I think they’ve done a nice job cutting back on the strikeouts and getting more production out of the offense.

“Strommy’s done a tremendous job and I’m happy with that. Listach has done a nice job with the infield positioning and making sure our infielders are ready, and T-Brock has done a nice job with the outfielders, so I’m very happy with all of our staff.”

Carter has authored one of the biggest turnarounds of the second half, leading the Majors in homers (22), slugging percentage (.650) and RBIs (52) since July 1, and he has a chance to lead the league in homers. Jose Altuve leads the Majors in hits and batting average.

That being said, Luhnow said the full-time manager could have some say on some of the spots on the coaching staff.

“You have to give your manager the ability to participate in shaping the staff,” he said. “At the same time, we have guys here that are doing well and they know our players and are a fit with our organization. It’s always a point of discussion. It’s something we’re going to ask managerial candidates about, but depending on the candidates, some guys want their own guys and other guys are willing to work with whoever’s there.”

Bo Porter’s statement on being let go by Astros

Astros manager Bo Porter sent this statement via text message to some members of the media:

“I want to thank the Astros Organization for giving me my first opportunity to Manage Major League Baseball.

During my time in Houston I dedicated myself to do everything I could to help this Organization win, in the short-term and for the long-term.

I am proud of what we were able to accomplish in Houston with an Organization in transition. I’m gratified we were able to bring some excitement to this city as a result of our improvement from 2013 to 2014.

I am enthusiastic about what the future will bring for me and my family. I look forward to my next opportunity in Major League Baseball. The valuable experience I gained with the Astros will be extremely beneficial in all my future endeavors.

I want to especially thank my players, my staff and support staff for all their efforts in our attempt to develop a Championship culture doing my time as Manager of the Houston Astros.

I want to thank the baseball community for your kind words and the countless text messages, phone calls, voicemails and emails. Your support is what makes our game and industry so great!

Last but surely not least I want to thank the city of Houston and the fans for the incredible support they have shown towards me and my family during our time in Houston.

I wish the Astros well in the future and look forward to the next chapter of my baseball career.”

Porter, Trembley relieved of duties by Astros

Astros manager Bo Porter and bench coach Dave Trembley were relieved of their duties Monday, the team announced. Tom Lawless was named interim manager through the remainder of the season.

Porter had been the Astros manager since the start of the 2013 season after being named to the position on Sept. 27, 2012 while serving as third base coach for the Washington Nationals. Adam Everett will join the coaching staff, replacing Trembley as bench coach. The remaining coaches will continue in their current roles.

The search for a new manager will begin immediately, the team said in a statement.

The Astros are 59-79 in Porter’s second full season as manager and have already surpassed their win total of their previous three seasons. They went 51-111 last year, finishing with the worst record in baseball for the third year in a row.

Lawless, who has close to 35 years of experience in baseball as a Major League player, Minor League manager and coach, had served as the manager for Triple-A Oklahoma City earlier this season while Tony DeFrancesco was on medical leave before returning to his role as a roving infield instructor.

Everett, who spent parts of 11 seasons in the Majors as a shortstop, including seven with the Astros (2001-07), rejoined the Astros organization as a Minor League infield instructor in 2013.

“Bo’s passion and energy are unparalleled, and his desire to win unquestioned,” Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said in a statement. “This decision was not made because of our current level of competitiveness in the Major Leagues. I recognize that our win-loss record is largely a product of an organizational strategy for which I am responsible. Rather, I made this decision because I believe we need a new direction in our clubhouse.

“What we will seek going forward is a consistent and united message throughout the entire organization.  It is essential that as an organization we create an atmosphere at the Major League level where our young players can come up and continue to develop and succeed.  Ultimately, I am responsible for creating that culture, and I will do everything in my power to do so—even when it means making difficult moves like the one we made today.

“Moving forward, I am optimistic about the direction of our team.  Our young core continues to progress, and  I believe wholeheartedly that our plan—while at times challenging—is working and will bring a consistent winner to Houston in the very near future.

“We wish Bo and his family well, and feel he will be successful in future endeavors.”

Astros owner Jim Crane said in a statement: “This was not an easy decision to make,” Crane said. “We wish Bo nothing but the best in the future. Jeff has my full support moving forward. Our goal to bring a championship to Houston remains.”     

Appel, Ruiz and Velasquez headline Astros’ AFL contingent

Former No. 1 overall draft pick Mark Appel and fellow right-handed pitcher Vincent Velasquez and third baseman Rio Ruiz headline the Astros’ contingent of prospects who will play in the Arizona Fall League this year.

Joining Appel, Velasquez and Ruiz on the Salt River Rafters team are left-hander Mitch Lambson, right-hander Tyson Perez, catcher Tyler Heineman, infielder Joe Sclafani and outfielder Andrew Aplin. Sclafani is a member of the taxi squad, which means he’s activated on only Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Appel, who missed all of Spring Training and the early part of 2014 while recovering from an appendectomy, struggled at Class A Lancaster before being moved up a month ago to Double-A Corpus Christi, where he’s pitched better.

Appel is ranked by as the team’s No. 2 prospect. Velasquez (eighth), Ruiz (ninth) are also ranked in the Top 20.

The Rafters, who will play home games at Salt River Fields in Scottsdale, included prospects from the Astros, D-backs, Marlins, Rockies and Twins. The six-team league, which is owned by Major League Baseball, plays Monday through Friday beginning Oct. 7.

Each Major League team is required to provide seven players to the AFL as long as they are Triple-A and Double-A players who were on Double-A rosters no later than Aug. 15. Each team can also send two Class A Advanced players, in addition to the current allowance of two “A-exempt” players (who are under contract as of Aug. 15).

Foreign players are allowed as long as the player is not on his native country’s primary protected player list. No players with more than one year active or two years total of credited Major League service as of Aug. 31 (including disabled list time) are eligible, except a team may select one player picked in the most recently concluded Major League Rule 5 Draft.

Astros, Nats to make formal proposals for new spring site

Representatives from the Astros and the Nationals will present a proposed joint Spring Training complex in West Palm Beach, Fla., to the Palm Beach County Tourism Development Council on Sept. 11 and Palm Beach County Commissioners on Sept. 23.

The Astros have been trying for more than a year to get a new complex built that it would share with another club, and the formal presentation is a big step. The Astros’ lease in Kissimmee, Fla., expires at the end of 2016, and the Astros would like to begin construction on a new spring site by January.

The Palm Beach Post reported the teams will ask for $3 million a year in hotel tax money to help for the proposed $140 million facility, which would be located at Haverhill Road and 45th Street in West Palm Beach.

In a joint statement, the Astros and Nationals said:

“The Astros and Nationals are finalizing a joint presentation in support of a proposed sports complex that will enable the Major League Clubs to co-locate our Spring Training facilities in West Palm Beach. Our projections show that the economic impact created by the activities at the new complex will be in excess of $100 million each year.

“We have a strong desire to make Palm Beach County our home for Spring Training and help re-establish the east coast of Florida as a hub for Major League Baseball’s Spring Training activities and create a complex for community and national sporting events throughout the year.”     


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