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Astros roster by the numbers

Astros’ Opening Day Roster by the numbers:

9 – Astros players who were also on last year’s Opening Day roster: Castro, Altuve, Dominguez, Harrell, Fields, Corporan, Gonzalez, Peacock and Carter.

4 – Astros players who were on the 2012 Opening Day roster: Harrell, Castro, Altuve, Gonzalez.

8 – Astros players making their first Opening Day roster: Chapman, Cosart, Grossman, Hoes, Krauss, Keuchel, Oberholtzer and Villar.

14 – Astros acquired via trade: Bass, Chapman, Cosart, Fowler, Oberholtzer, Peacock, Carter, Dominguez, Gonzalez, Guzman, Villar, Grossman, Hoes and Krauss.

2 – Astros drafted by club and have played entire career in organization: Keuchel and Castro.

6 – Free agent acquisitions: Altuve (non-drafted), Corporan (Minor League contract), Feldman, Albers, Qualls and Williams.

1 – Rule 5 acquisitions: Fields.

2 – Waiver claims: Harrell and Presley.

1 — Players acquired by former GM Tim Purpura: Altuve.

7 – Players acquired by former GM Ed Wade: Cosart, Harrell, Keuchel, Oberholtzer, Castro, Corporan, Villar.

17 – Players acquired by GM Jeff Luhnow: Everybody else.

20 – Players born in the U.S.

2 – Players born in Texas: Albers and Cosart.

2 – Players born in Hawaii: Williams and Feldman.

1 – Players born in Puerto Rico: Corporan.

1 – Players born in Dominican Republic: Villar.

3 – Players born in Venezuela: Altuve, Gonzalez, Guzman.

35 – Age of oldest player on roster: Qualls.

22 – Age of youngest player on roster: Villar.

26.8 – Average age of the Opening Day roster.

2 – Players with playoff experience: Qualls, Williams.

1 – Players with World Series experience: Qualls.

0 – Players with a World Series championship ring.

11 – Letters in longest last name: Oberholtzer

4 – Letters in shortest last name: Bass and Hoes