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Astros get permission to interview Nevin

The Astros have received permission to interview former big leaguer Phil Nevin to be their manager, a baseball source confirmed for Nevin, the former No. 1 overall draft pick by the Astros, is managing in the D-backs system at Triple-A Reno.

Nevin, 43, played 12 years in the Major Leagues after being taken by the Astros with the No. 1 overall pick in the 1992 First-Year Player Draft. He was a bust with the Astros, but wound up having a solid career by hitting .270 with 208 homers and 743 RBIs with the Astros, Tigers, Angels, Padres, Rangers, Cubs and Twins.

Nevin managed three seasons at Triple-A Toledo in the Tigers system before the D-backs hired him to managed this year at Reno.

Astros interim manager Tom Lawless will interview with general manager Jeff Luhnow on Saturday in New York for the full-time managerial position. Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reported earlier the Astros have interviewed at least five candidates by phone: A.J. Hinch, Dino Ebel, Torey Lovullo, Don Wakamatsu and Dave Martinez.

Lawless lauds Everett

Whether interim manager Tom Lawless gets a chance to have the job permanently remains to be seen, but he’s worked well so far with interim bench coach Adam Everett. Lawless has been coaching in baseball for years, but for Everett it’s pretty much on-the-job training.

“He’s only been coaching for a couple of years,” Lawless said. He’s learned how to do it. His demeanor is like mine, except he’s a little bit more forceful than I am, which is good. We talk with each other. He can say some things I probably can’t say in the dugout and that’s how it’s worked, and it’s worked out pretty well.

“We have a really good relationship with everybody in the dugout and on the team, and when the atmosphere is that comfortable you can get your point across in different ways. Adam has learned that and Adam can do it, and I think Adam is going to be a very good coach for a long time. He’s knowledgeable, he knows the game, knows how to play the game, knows what to do in the game. To have him a part of what we’re trying to do here, it’s a great thing.”

Astros’ Triple-A to be in Fresno in 2015

The Astros will have their Triple-A affiliate in Fresno, Calif., next season, the Grizzlies announced via Twitter.

Fresno, which had been partnered with the San Francisco Giants, will replace Oklahoma City, which had served as the Astros’ Triple-A affiliate the previous four years. The Dodgers bought a stake in Oklahoma City and will move their Triple-A operations there.

The Grizzlies play at Chukchansi Park in downtown Fresno. The park, which opened in 2002, seats 12,500 fans and features a semi-irregular field shape with dimensions measuring 324 feet down the left field line, 385 in left center, 400 in center field and 335 to the right field foul pole.

Fresno is in the PCL Northern division with Reno, Sacramento and Tacoma.

Springer: “Goal is to just get healthy”

With less than two weeks remaining in the regular season and George Springer’s strained left quad not 100 percent healthy, the Astros announced on Tuesday the rookie outfielder would sit out the remainder of the regular season.

The decision certainly comes as no surprise, considering Springer hasn’t played for the Astros since July 19 against the White Sox in Chicago. He went on a Minor League rehab assignment in August, but he suffered a setback and hasn’t been able to completely heal the injury.

“It’s tough, but at this point the goal is to just get through the year healthy and get to 2015 and just be as healthy as I can,” Springer said.

Astros interim manager Tom Lawless said general manager Jeff Luhnow and the team trainers sat down with Springer on Monday to map out his future, and the decision was made with the blessing of Springer.

We felt the best thing for the organization is that George doesn’t play anymore the rest of the year,” Lawless said. “In reality, it would have to be a rehab stint when you play him and get an at-bat here and at-bat there. Will eight, nine at-bats make a difference as opposed to the other alternative when he goes out there and tweaks it again, and now we’re set back again?

“We’re going to shut him down and he’s going to take batting practice and rehab when the season’s over, and he’s going to leave here healthy. And when he comes to Spring Training, he’s going to be ready to go.”

Springer’s competitive nature made it that much more difficult for him to miss so much time.

“It’s brutal,” he said. “The goal is to play and it’s tough for me to sit here every day and to know what I can’t play.”

Springer, the Astros’ Minor League Most Valuable Player a year ago, made his much-anticipated Major League debut in April and appeared in 78 games, hitting .231 with 20 homers and 51 RBIs and showing the flash and potential that has the Astros believing he’ll be a cornerstone player for years to come.

The 24-year-old was named the American League Rookie of the Month for May, hitting .294 (30-for-102) with four doubles, one triple, 10 homers, 25 RBIs, 22 runs scored and 13 walks in 26 games to claim his first monthly award. He was the first Astros player to win Rookie of the Month honors since Hunter Pence in May 2007, when the club was still competing in the National League.

“It’s been a great experience so far, and obviously have a lot more to learn and obviously think I could have done better overall,” he said. “In my 300 at-bats, I’ve learned and I’ve grown and I go off of that into 2015.”

Springer has been working out with the club for the past month in an effort to get healthy, but the team wasn’t going to take any chances if he wasn’t 100 percent.

“He wanted to play, and really we left the decision a lot up to him and what is the best for George Springer,” Lawless said. “We’re looking at is as an organization in the long run, and the importance of eight or 10 at-bats in the big picture doesn’t make any sense taking that chance. That’s what he decided, and everyone was on board with that.”

Springer said the bigger picture is more important.

“The goal is for me to play 162 games and for me it’s tough,” he said. “Being a player and a competitor, I want to play, but at the same time you have to protect yourself and sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do.”

Astros 2015 schedule

Astros 2015 schedule (times to be announced):

Astros 2015 schedule

April 6 – vs. Indians

April 8-9 – vs. Indians

April 10-12 – at Rangers

April 13-15 – vs. A’s

April 17-18 – vs. Angels

April 20-22 – at Mariners

April 24-26 – at A’s

April 27-29 – at Padres

April 30-May 3 – vs. Mariners

May 4-6 – vs. Rangers

May 7-10 – at Angels

May 12-13 – vs. Giants

May 14-17 – vs. Blue Jays

May 18-20 – vs. A’s

May 21-24 – at Tigers

May 25-27 – at Orioles

May 29-31 – vs. White Sox

June 1-4 – vs. Orioles

June 5-7 – at Blue Jays

June 8-10 – at White Sox

June 12-14 – vs. Mariners

June 15-16 – vs. Rockies

June 17-18 – at Rockies

June 19-21 – at Mariners

June 22-24 – at Angels

June 25-28 – vs. Yankees

June 29-July 1 – vs. Royals

July 3-5 – at Red Sox

July 6-9 – at Indians

July 10-12 – at Rays

July 14, All-Star Game, Cincinnati

July 17-19 – vs. Rangers

July 21-23 – vs. Red Sox

July 24-26 – at Royals

July 28-30 – vs. Angels

July 31-Aug. 2 – vs. D-backs

Aug. 3-5 – at Rangers

Aug. 6-9 – at A’s

Aug. 11-12 – at Giants

Aug. 14-16 – vs. Tigers

Aug. 17-20 – vs. Rays

Aug. 21-23 – vs. Dodgers

Aug. 25-26 – at Yankees

Aug. 28-30 – at Twins

Aug. 31-Sept. 2 – vs. Mariners

Sept. 4-6 – vs. Twins

Sept. 7-9 – at A’s

Sept. 11-13 – at Angels

Sept. 14-17 – at Rangers

Sept. 18-20 – vs. A’s

Sept. 21-24 – vs. Angels

Sept. 25-27 – vs. Rangers

Sept. 28-30 – at Mariners

Oct. 2-4 – at D-backs


Instructional league roster

  Deetz, Dean RHP R/R 6’1” 190 11/29/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Dykxhoorn, Brock RHP R/R 6’8” 240 07/02/1994 20.2 2014 Canada
  Garcia, Junior LHP L/L 6’1” 180 10/01/1995 18.11 2013 Dominican Republic
  Gatlin, John RHP R/R 6’5” 225 12/14/1990 23.9 2014 United States
  Gause, Jay RHP R/R 6’2” 240 04/24/1992 22.4 2014 United States
  German, Devonte RHP R/R 6’5″ 240 10/14/1994 19.11 2013 United States
  Guduan, Reymin LHP L/L 6’4” 190 03/16/1992 22.5 2010 Dominican Republic
  James, Joshua RHP R/R 6’3” 200 03/08/1993 21.6 2014 United States
  Martes, Francis RHP R/R 6’0” 170 11/24/1995 18.9 2013 Dominican Republic
  Mengden, Daniel RHP R/R 6’1” 210 02/19/1993 21.6 2014 United States
  Perez, Jorge RHP R/R 6’0” 175 07/30/1993 21.1 2013 United States
  Radziewski, Bryan LHP L/L 5’10” 190 02/21/1992 22.6 2014 United States
  Santos, Juan RHP R/R 6’4″ 240 08/30/1995 19.0 2013 Puerto Rico
  Solarte, Alejandro LHP L/L 6’4” 180 09/22/1994 19.11 2012 Venezuela
  Thompson, Ryan RHP R/R 6’5” 215 06/26/1992 22.2 2014 United States
  Velazquez, Derick RHP R/R 6’4” 200 11/28/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Castro, Ruben C / 2B L/R 5’10” 182 07/10/1996 18.2 2014 Puerto Rico
  Gonzalez, Alfredo C R/R 6’1″ 190 07/13/1992 22.2 2011 Venezuela
  Holberton, Brian C L/R 5’10” 190 06/10/1992 22.3 2013 United States
  Nottingham, Jacob C R/R 6’3″ 200 04/03/1995 19.5 2013 United States
  Ritchie, Jamie C R/R 6’2” 190 04/09/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Davis, JD 3B R/R 6’2” 190 04/09/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Fernandez, Jose SS R/R 6’1” 170 05/20/1993 21.3 2010 Dominican Republic
  Goedert, Connor 3B R/R 6’3” 195 12/14/1993 20.9 2014 United States
  Hyde, Mott SS R/R 5’10” 190 03/10/1992 22.6 2014 United States
  McCall, Dexture 1B R/R 6’1” 220 01/29/1994 20.7 2014 United States
  Moran, Colin 3B L/R 6’4” 215 10/01/1992 21.11 2013 United States
  McDonald, Chase 1B R/R 6’2” 260 06/02/1992 22.3 2013 United States
  White, Tyler 3B R/R 5’11” 225 10/29/1990 23.10 2013 United States
  Nunez, Antonio UTL R/R 5’9” 165 01/10/1993 21.8 2014 United States
  Reed, AJ 1B L/L 6’4” 240 05/10/1993 21.4 2014 United States
  Roa, Hector 1B/OF R/R 6’1” 195 03/01/1995 19.6 2012 United States
  Santos, Jeffry SS S/R 6’2” 150 01/04/1993 21.8 2011 Dominican Republic
  Tanielu, Nick 2B/3B R/R 5’11” 205 09/04/1992 22.0 2014 United States
  Trompiz, Kristian SS/2B R/R 6’1” 160 12/02/1995 18.9 2013 Venezuela
  Bottger, Ryan OF S/R 6’0” 210 04/14/1993 21.5 2014 United States
  Boyd, Bobby CF L/R 5’9” 180 01/04/1993 21.8 2014 United States
  Fisher, Derek OF L/R 6’3” 207 08/21/1993 21.0 2014 United States
  Martin, Jason CF L/R 5’10” 175 09/05/1995 19.0 2013 United States
  Mejia, Brauly OF R/R 6’0” 185 10/28/1994 19.10 2012 Dominican Republic
  Ramsay, James CF L/L 5’11” 180 03/02/1992 22.6 2013 United States
  Wik, Marc UTL L/R 5’11” 195 07/18/1992 22.1 2012 United States

Porter, Trembley relieved of duties by Astros

Astros manager Bo Porter and bench coach Dave Trembley were relieved of their duties Monday, the team announced. Tom Lawless was named interim manager through the remainder of the season.

Porter had been the Astros manager since the start of the 2013 season after being named to the position on Sept. 27, 2012 while serving as third base coach for the Washington Nationals. Adam Everett will join the coaching staff, replacing Trembley as bench coach. The remaining coaches will continue in their current roles.

The search for a new manager will begin immediately, the team said in a statement.

The Astros are 59-79 in Porter’s second full season as manager and have already surpassed their win total of their previous three seasons. They went 51-111 last year, finishing with the worst record in baseball for the third year in a row.

Lawless, who has close to 35 years of experience in baseball as a Major League player, Minor League manager and coach, had served as the manager for Triple-A Oklahoma City earlier this season while Tony DeFrancesco was on medical leave before returning to his role as a roving infield instructor.

Everett, who spent parts of 11 seasons in the Majors as a shortstop, including seven with the Astros (2001-07), rejoined the Astros organization as a Minor League infield instructor in 2013.

“Bo’s passion and energy are unparalleled, and his desire to win unquestioned,” Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said in a statement. “This decision was not made because of our current level of competitiveness in the Major Leagues. I recognize that our win-loss record is largely a product of an organizational strategy for which I am responsible. Rather, I made this decision because I believe we need a new direction in our clubhouse.

“What we will seek going forward is a consistent and united message throughout the entire organization.  It is essential that as an organization we create an atmosphere at the Major League level where our young players can come up and continue to develop and succeed.  Ultimately, I am responsible for creating that culture, and I will do everything in my power to do so—even when it means making difficult moves like the one we made today.

“Moving forward, I am optimistic about the direction of our team.  Our young core continues to progress, and  I believe wholeheartedly that our plan—while at times challenging—is working and will bring a consistent winner to Houston in the very near future.

“We wish Bo and his family well, and feel he will be successful in future endeavors.”

Astros owner Jim Crane said in a statement: “This was not an easy decision to make,” Crane said. “We wish Bo nothing but the best in the future. Jeff has my full support moving forward. Our goal to bring a championship to Houston remains.”     

Springer suffers setback, out two more weeks

Astros rookie outfielder George Springer suffered a setback in his return from a left quad strain and won’t be allowed to perform any baseball-related drills for two more weeks, the team said Tuesday.

Springer played three games on a Minor League rehab last week in Class A Quad Cities and tweaked the quad running the bases. He returned to Houston and has been working out with the team, but met with a doctor Monday night at Minute Maid Park after not progressing enough.

“We weren’t sure if it was going to be a thing that he could work through quickly, but after the doctor saw him last night, he made the determination he needs to take some time off and let it heal,” Luhnow said. “It’s unfortunate because we felt like he was a couple of days away from rejoining our team and clearly is a missed presence in lineup and in the outfield. We’re going to have to wait until he’s completely healthy. We don’t want to take anymore risks.”

The Astros are getting outfielder Dexter Fowler back in the lineup after he completed a rehab from an intercostal injury. He’ll be in the lineup Wednesday.

Springer made his much anticipated Major League debut in mid-April and took off in May, being named American League Rookie of the Month. He’s played in 78 games and is hitting .231 with a 20 homers, 51 RBIs and a .336 on-base percentage.

“It’s tough just because I’m a competitor and I want to go out there and help the team, but I’ve got to get healthy and see what happens,” he said. “I want to go out there and compete with these guys and be able to help and not be a cheerleader. I want to be able to play, but you’ve got to be smart.”

Springer remains confident he’ll get on the field again this year.

“That’s the ultimate goal is to get back out there,” he said. “I’ll get stronger and keep doing what I’ve got to do in order to play.”

Luhnow believes Springer will play most of September.

“This type of injury, he should be able to come back from,” he said. “Obviously, we’re going to be very cautious with bringing him back, but we still have plenty of time. I expect he’ll play the month of September here.”






George Springer says he’s “one-day closer” to returning to action. Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow said Springer is “days” away from returning. All we know for sure is Springer continues to progress from a quad injury that’s kept him in the disabled list since July 20, but the timetable for his return remains unclear. <p>

Springer continues to take batting practice, but won’t be activated until he can run full speed. <p>

“You’ve got to be able to see what your body can handle and what it can’t, but at the same time you don’t want to overdo it and set yourself back,” he said. “You have to walk that thin line and be smart.” <p>

Luhnow said running remains the final hurdle for the rookie slugger. <p>

“It’s more running full speed and having to stop and change directions and those sort of things, which you have to do as an outfielder rand a base runner,” Luhnow said. “Those are the things you really don’t get fully tested until you’re in a game situation. We’re going to try and replicate as much of that as we can.” <p>

Luhnow said he wasn’t sure whether Springer would have to have another rehab assignment before returning to the Astros. <p>

“We haven’t made that decision,” he said. “The reason to do a rehab is in case there’s any sort of setback, you’re not burning another 15 days. That’s the worst thing to do. I know he’s anxious to get back and we’re anxious to have him back, and we have to weigh those.” <p>

Porter explains Santana’s lack of action

Astros rookie outfielder Domingo Santana has had one plate appearance since being recalled a week ago to replace the injured Jesus Guzman, walking as a pinch-hitter on Wednesday night in Philadelphia. Santana went 0-for-13 with 11 strikeouts in his debut in July and was promptly sent back down.

Here’s what manager Bo Porter had to say about Santana’s playing time:

“Even when he came, it was more of we were going to a National League ballpark and Guzman was down and you just don’t want to play short going into a National League ballpark where there’s double switches,” he said. “You end up with a short bench early in the game and now offensively you mount a comeback and you shoot yourself in the foot because you don’t have that extra guy. When you have guys in which you want to continue to see and play well, there’s no place for him to play.”

Jake Marisnick, acquired in a trade with the Marlins earlier this month, is starting in center field while Dexter Fowler recovers from an injury, and outfielder Robbie Grossman has been an on-base machine the last few days, while Marc Krauss has hit safely in nine of 12 starts since being recalled July 23.

Astros injury updates

Here’s the latest on the injured Astros:

  • 2B Jose Altuve was out of the lineup Saturday one day after leaving Friday’s game with neck discomfort. The good news for the Astros is Altuve said he felt much better and expected to be back in the lineup Sunday. “They just told me to sit the bench today, and I’m going to be ready to pinch-hit and pinch-run,” he said.
  • OF Alex Presley took batting practice on the field Saturday for the first time since he injured his oblique swinging the bat a month ago and said things went well. He could begin a Minor League rehab stint any day. “I’m looking forward to getting out there,” he said. “It’s been a while.”
  • OF George Springer took batting practice Saturday, but it remains a mystery when he’ll be activated. Springer tweaked his injured left quad during a Minor League rehab assignment earlier this week. “My speed is my game and it’s hard not to have that, so it’s one of those things you just to be smart and go whenever I can go,” he said. “The ultimate goal is to be 100 percent, so hopefully I can get back out there soon.”
  • OF Dexter Fowler could return to the Astros’ lineup any day. Astros manager Bo Porter said Saturday that Fowler was scheduled to have four at-bats as designated hitter in his second game on rehab assignment at Triple-A Oklahoma City. He was 2-for-3 with an RBI in his first game on Friday against Iowa. “When you play and you’re playing consecutive days and we don’t have any ill effects from what put you on the disabled list, you’re ready to go,” Porter said. “He’s not down there to prove he can hit. He’s down there to prove he’s healthy.”



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