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Take BP at Minute Maid and help a great cause

If you’d like a chance to take batting practice at Minute Maid Park in late September, all the while helping out a great cause, then this is something you can’t miss.

The Candlelighters, a charity that directly meet the needs of families who have a loved one undergoing cancer treatment, are recruiting teams to play in a charity baseball tournament later this month at Baseball USA. The top 15 fundraisers will take batting practice at Minute Maid Park in late September

If you are not playing in the Candlelighters one-day baseball tournament you may register to raise money for Candlelighters as a non-playing participant.  The top three overall fundraisers not playing in the tournament will also earn an opportunity to take batting practice at Minute Maid Park.

A minimal donation per individual of $500 is needed to qualify for batting practice.

Anyone can go to the website and register and then send out their personalized website/link to all of their friends. Friends can contribute with small pledges, and if you raise enough money, you’ll get a chance to take batting practice.

Visit for more details.