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Photos from Astros Caravan stops in Galveston

Galveston, oh, Galveston. Country music super star Glen Campbell sang a hit song about the island city years ago, and the city and beach looked spectacular Wednesday when the Astros Caravan come to town. Here are a few photos from the stops:

Caravan3 020

Kevin Chapman and Brad Peacock on the bridge of the USCGC Dauntless

Caravan3 021

Brad Peacock, Jimmy Wynn and Kevin Chapman alongside Dauntless

Caravan3 025

Wynn, Peacock and Chapman meet with members of Coast Guard

Caravan3 029

Assistant GM David Stearns talks outside Galveston Convention Center

Caravan3 031

Peacock, Orbit and Chapman along Seawall Boulevard

Caravan3 032

Orbit has the beach to himself

Caravan3 033

Orbit goes all Baywatch

Caravan3 035

Jimmy Wynn with a young fan

Caravan3 037

Brad Peacock with a young fan

Caravan3 038

Peacock and Chapman were a hit with the kids

Caravan3 039

Everyone said ‘Go Astros!’