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Carlos Lee not backing down

I will have a full story posted later on the website about the incident, but here are the raw reactions of Astros left fielder Carlos Lee and Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter after benches emptied in the third inning Thursday.

Lee pounded his bat in the ground after popping out to shortstop with runners at first and second base and appeared to be yelling at himself in frustration. Carpenter stared at Lee jogging down the line and began yelling back before being separated.

Lee: “I wasn’t trying to show him up. I never looked at him. I got [mad] because I got a pitch to hit and I popped it up. I was mad at myself. I don’t know what he said to me, but he said something and was looking at me, staring at me. For what?”

Carpenter: “It wasn’t a big deal. I don’t know why it turned into a big deal. Things happen. I said something, he said something. He kept coming at it. He’s the one that caused everybody to come out, not me. I was just telling him there’s no need for it.”

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa: “Well, routinely now, hitters pop up a pitch they think they should do [something] with, and they start making noises, and that really is disrespectful to the pitcher. Most of the pitchers just turn around and ignore it. Carp doesn’t. And I think Carp’s in the right. I think respect should go both ways. He gets you out, he gets you out. Just zip it and go back. He gives it up, you zip it and let the guy go around the bases. Most pitchers, they let the guys jabber. I don’t think Carlos Lee is anything special as far as a guy who disrespects, but it’s so common now.”