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Q and A with Moran and Marisnick

The Astros made a big trade on Thursday, sending right-handed pitcher Jarred Cosart, utility player Kike Hernandez and Minor League outfielder Austin Wates to the Marlins in exchange for outfielder Jake Marisnick, Minor League right-handed pitcher Frances Martes and third baseman Colin Moran, who was the No. 6 overall pick in last year’s Draft. They also received a 2015 Competitive Balance pick.

Here is a question-and-answer session from Moran and Marisnick.

Colin Moran

Q: What’s your reaction to being traded shortly after the Marlins took you so high in the Draft?

A: “It’s pretty surprising. I’ve been traded before. I’ve never even really been in pro ball for a Trade Deadline before. It’s exciting and I’m really happy to be a part of the Astros organization.”

Q: Do you think you’re ready for the jump up to Double-A?

A: “I’m excited for it and can’t wait to get started.

Q: What do you know about the Astros, if anything? Do you know anybody in the organization? How familiar are you with the team?

A: “When it comes to the team, I’m not too familiar. I’m a big baseball fan, so I’m pretty familiar with some guys in the organization. We had a few players drafted last year from (inaudible) so there’s quite a few faces that I’ll recognize.”

Q: Do you think it’s kind of cool that you and Mark Appel end up on the same team?

A: “Yeah. I know from playing in college and seeing him, he’s a great player and I’m excited to be on the same team.”

Q: Can you talk a little bit about you as a player? We can read the scouting report, but can you talk about what you bring and your skill set?

A: “Yeah, I mean, I try to go out there every night and be consistent. I’m a good defensive third baseman and not necessarily a huge power hitter, just more of gap to gap. Just try to hit the ball to all fields, but the big thing is try to be consistent every night.”

Q: Have you spoken with Jeff Luhnow, and if you did, what was the conversation?

A: “I have not. I had a chance to talk with the team, members of the organization. I was just really excited.”

Q: How do you feel about your season so far and is there anything you’ve been working on in particular?

A: “I think it’s been a good season. I learned a lot my first full season, trying to learn how to play every day and the adjustments that go along with it. I think I’ve gotten a lot better as the season’s gone on.”

Q: What would you say your timeline is? Do you think you have another year in the Minors left?

A: “I don’t think like that necessarily. Just trying to do everything I can to get better every day so when I do make it I’ll be ready and have an impact.”

Jake Marisnick

Q: What’s it like to, first of get traded, and come to an organization with a chance to play every day?

A: “It’s exciting. It’s definitely came as a surprise. This is my second time being traded and both times it came as a little bit of a surprise. Just knowing another team wants you to come in and play for them is exciting. I’m really excited for this opportunity. I’m ready to get after it.”

Q: I know they said when [Dexter] Fowler comes back he’ll play center, where are you most comfortable playing if you can’t play center?

A: “It doesn’t matter. Anywhere on the field, anywhere in the lineup is great. I’ll play wherever.”

Q: How important to you is that opportunity to be able to get every day Major League at-bats?

A: “As a young guy, getting out there and being able to play in the Major Leagues against that competition is huge for development and competing and just being able to see that level. It’s great for development.”

Q: How has this season gone for you? You’ve been up and down a little bit, right?

A: “Yeah, it’s been great. I came in and struggled my first month in the Minor Leagues in Triple-A and had a chance to make adjustments and find my way and started to swing the bat a little bit, and every time I go up it’s an opportunity to learn and see how the game’s played at that level. I’m excited to get out there and play.”

Q: Do you know any Astros?

A: “In Triple-A here with the Marlins, we played Oklahoma City a few times and got a chance to know some of the guys, and some of the guys I played against in showcases in high school and stuff. Getting to know them was awesome coming into the organization.”

Q: What’s it like to be joining an organization that’s trending upwards?

A: “It’s awesome. Getting to know some of these players and what they’re capable of and seeing all the young talent they have, it’s exciting. The same thing I came into here — just coming in and playing with young players is always fun, just seeing what they’re capable of and watching them grow and being able to grow with them.”

Q: How has your knee been following offseason surgery?

A: “It’s been awesome. It’s actually feeling better than it had in years. I think it might have been something that happened a while back, and just having that fixed and being able to run the way I’ve been running this year is awesome. I’ve felt great.”

Q: You’ve struggled a little bit in the Majors. Why do you believe that is, and do you think you’ll be able to do a little bit better with this opportunity now?

A: “A lot of people, first time up you put too much pressure on yourself. You want to do, not more than you capable of, but you try to force it to happen. I was able in a few games to let it happen and I was able to play my game and at times I ended up putting too much pressure on myself. I’m looking forward to getting out there and just taking advantage of the opportunity and letting my game come out.”

Q: For people who don’t know you, could you describe your game a little bit and what you would bring to the Astros?

A: “A little bit of everything. I like getting after it and getting dirty and playing hard. That’s kind of how I grew up playing. I played football in high school and that’s kind of carried over into my game on the field and I just like getting after it and playing hard.”